Norvin Green State Forest - Wyanokie Trai, Mine Trail, Otter Hole Trail, Camp Wyanokie Trail reblazing approved

Trails Council
Decision Date: 

a. Wyanokies. Bob Jonas explained that the Otter Hole Trail in Norvin Green State Forest now ends where the Mine Trail proceeded north into the quarry lands. However, due to the closure of the quarry property by the private landowner, the Mine Trail has been truncated. At present, the remainder of the route along Snake Den Road towards the Weis Ecology Center is marked with several different blazes, which is very confusing. Bob Jonas proposed that the entire route up to the beginning of the Wyanokie Circular/Mine Trail (just east of the large parking area on Snake Den Road) be designated as the Otter Hole Trail, with green blazes. He pointed out that this would not require any new trail construction, but only reblazing, and that since the trail is not on state land, approval by the state would not be required.

Bob Jonas also proposed that the isolated western section of the Mine Trail, blazed yellow, be renamed the Camp Wyanokie Trail, with the yellow blazing being preserved. He confirmed that the eastern section of the Mine Trail, which passes by the mine, would still be called the Mine Trail. In response to a suggestion that the western section of the Mine Trail be designated instead as an extension of the Wyanokie Circular Trail, Bob Jonas pointed out that although this suggestion has merit, it would require that the color of the trail blaze be changed, which might be confusing to hikers.

After a brief discussion, it was moved, seconded and unanimously carried that these two proposed trail changes be approved by the Trails Council.