Oscawana Park trails system in the Town of Cortlandt adoption recommended to Board

Trails Council
Decision Date: 
Vote at meeting
9.  Oscawana Park.  Jane Daniels proposed that the Trail Conference adopt about three miles of trails in Oscawana Park, near the Hudson River in the Town of Cortlandt, which is owned by the County of Westchester but leased to the town.  She explained that the trails are currently unmarked, but that they are scheduled to be marked once a biodiversity study of the park is completed.  Jane Daniels pointed out that the Trail Conference would not be adopting these trails until they are marked.  She also noted that the Town of Cortlandt has requested the Trail Conference to adopt these trails.  After a brief discussion, it was moved, seconded and unanimously carried that the Trails Council recommend to the Board that the Trail Conference adopt the trails in Oscawana Park in the Town of Cortlandt.