Dedication Ceremony at Mink Hollow Lean-to

Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

The Trail Conference will be hosting a dedication with the Christopher Nowak Memorial Fund to hold a small ceremony at the Mink Hollow Lean-to to memoralize Christopher Nowak and celebrate all of the work that was done to the lean-to last fall.

The Mink Hollow Lean-to is located in the northeastern Catskill Mountains along the popular Devil’s Path hiking trail.  The work completed included hiking up over 700 pounds of cedar shingles, lumber and materials to the Mink Hollow Lean-to site from the end of Mink Hollow Road.  After the materials reached the site, the existing roof was removed and replaced, a new floor was installed and the entire lean-to was stained.

Thanks to the Christopher Nowak Memorial Fund, set up in honor of Christopher Nowak, an avid Catskill Mountain hiker, the Trail Conference was able to purchase the necessary cedar shingles, floor boards and associated hardware for this project.

The members of the Memorial Fund have adopted the Mink Hollow Lean-to as part of the Trail Conference's Lean-to Caretaker Program to continue to honor Christopher and take care of the trails and lean-tos that he loved.

Jeff Senterman - [email protected]
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference
Mink Hollow Lean-to, Catskill Mountains

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I will be attending the ceremony as well as staying overnight.   Raymond J. Mollica, Esq.