Mountain Travel and Rescue

Saturday, December 5, 2015 - 8:00am - Sunday, December 6, 2015 - 4:00pm


Attention all Ski Patrollers, Search and Rescue Team Members, and outdoor enthusiasts looking to expand their survival and travel skills in the backcountry environment! If you are seeking the knowledge and skills to travel and enjoy yourself in reasonable safety and comfort in the outdoor environment, then this course can help you get prepared!


This course will help you learn a variety of skills including:

  • hydration and nutrition
  • weather patterns and route selection
  • proper clothing and adaption to the wilderness environment
  • medical and survival skills
  • teamwork and group dynamics
  • incident command system and basic search and rescue operations
  • knot tying and low angle rope rescue skills
  • emergency transport and improvised tobaggan construction
  • land navigation with map & compass and GPS


This course includes both classroom and field sessions to ensure that the students can apply what they have learned to real life situations. Specific field practice includes practice in navigation, travel, and survival skills, a search and rescue exercise, and an overnight campout at High Point State Park!


Date and Times- December 5-6, 2015

                                8 AM Saturday through 4 PM Sunday

Location- High Point XC Ski center Lodge*- Lake Marcia area

                   High Point State Park 41º18'53.92"N  74º40'4.91"W

* in the event that there is a good snow base and the ski center is in operation we will use the interpretive center for class.

Course cost- $30- Ski Patrollers and SAR Team members

                          $50- All others

If you have already completed MTR1 and want to refresh your knowledge and skills, the course fee is only $15.

Registration-  The deadline to register is December 1, 2015. To regester for the course, please write a check to "Nation Ski Patrol - NJ Region" for the appropriate amount and send it to:

                          John Rovetto

                          46 Summit Drive

                          Wantage, NJ 07461

Instructor of Record- John Rovetto

                                         [email protected]  /  1-973-903-3496

Course Text

The MTR1 course text is Mountain Travel & Rescue: National Ski Patrol's Manual for Mountain Rescue, 2nd Ed. It is available online from


Course activities will take place both inside and outside, regardless  of the weather. Dress in layers so that you can easily adjust your wardrobe to stay comfortable. Even if there is no snow on the ground, it is a good idea to bring your ski clothing for warmth, particularly after the sun sets. WInd chill is alwatys a factor at High Point.



We will be sleeping outside on Saturday night. A tent is strongly suggested! If you have a choice of different sized tents, it may be easier to find a spot for a smaller, backpacking type of tent as opposed to a larger, family type of tent. 

You also may want to bring a heavy sheet of plastic or tarp as a ground cloth to put under your tent and a hammer to pound in your pegs. 

be sure to check your tent before you leave home and make sure that it has all of the parts and pieces that it needs, e.g. pegs, poles, ropes, and fly. 

Sleeping Gear

It can be cold at night so prepare accordingly:

  • Borrow or bring an estra sleeping bag, or two. Sleeping bags can be put inside of each other as well as used for padding.
  • Bring at least one or two pads to insulate you from the cold ground. Closed cell foam and self inflating pads are good if you have them, but air mattresses are not. Blankets can also serve as padding/insulation from the ground.
  • It is recommended to wear a hat and/or hood at night to reduce the heat loss from your head. 
  • A pillow can also add to your comfort. 
In the event of an emergency, there will be a designated shelter nearby.
There are four meals during the course. You will need to bring food for dinner on Saturday and can optionally purchase lunch for a nominal fee. A light breakfast will be provided on Sunday.
                       -food (most likely hotdogs) will be available for purchase.
          Dinner- (Pot Luck)
                       - Bring something to cook and share -- Be creative!
                       - A campfire, propane stove, and propane grill will most likely be available.
                       - Please bring your own pots/pans.
            Breakfast (SImple)
                        - Coffee, hot water, hot chocolate, instant oatmeal, pastries will be provided.
                        - Unless you get up early. there is no time allotted for cooking.
                         -Food (most likely chili) will be available for purchase.
We will be in Northern NJ and may be a bear, or two, in the area. All food and garbage should be properly stored away before going to sleep on Saturday night. 
Additional Equipment

In addition to your shelter and sleeping gear, if you own or can borrow any of the following equipment, please bring it with you:

  • Camp chair for around the fire
  • Cammp stove with fuel
  • Pots, pans, and untensils for cooking
  • Compass
  • Handheld GPS with fresh batteries

There is no requirement to backpack or otherwise transport your gear any significant distances.


Sun set is at 4:29 PM and it will be a full moon on Saturday. Bring at least one flashlight with fresh batteries.

A headlamp is great if you own or can borrow one. If you want to buy one thing for this weekend, a heaadlamp is a good investment. You can pick up a decent "Energizer" headlamp from $15-$20 from Walmart or Lowes.


Here are some great materials that can be very useful: 

  • REI Expert Advice:

                  -How to Go Winter Camping and Backpacking


  • Princeton Outdoor Action Guides:

                    - Winter Camping


                     - Snow Shelters


                      - Hypothermia and Cold Weather Injuries



                       - An Introduction to Backcountry Winter Camping


  • The Lightweight Backpacker:

                        - Winter Camping Tips



                         - 20 Tips on Sleeping Warm in the Outdoors


  • Mountaineering: Freedom of the hills:

                          - The ultimate guide for mountaineering


National Ski Patrol - New Jersey Region