Walkable Westchester Presentation

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 7:30pm
Who would guess that Westchester was such a great place to hike? Despite its proximity to Metropolitan New York City, the county has a wealth of hiking and walking opportunities. Join the authors, Jane and Walt Daniels as they take you on a tour of some of the 200 parks, which contain more than 600 miles of trails. While looking at great photographs, listen to stories and tales of some of the two dozen new places to visit. Learn who donated land and how parks got their names. Find out about the wide variety of walking opportunities along paved paths, woods roads, dirt roads, or narrow rocky trails in environments that include urban, suburban, along the shore, in woodlands and fields, or near lakes, streams, vernal pools, and wetlands. Hosted by ADK Mohican chapter
Walkable Westchester
Jane and Walt Daniels
ADK Mohican Chapter
Westmoreland Sanctuary