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West Hudson Map Set

For the West Hudson Map set, there is a marked trail not shown on the map. Right by Gonzaga Park, maybe 1/2 mile from the parking lot, there is White Trail that meets up with the Long Path. It is not shown on the map. I can get approximate coordinates from my GPS track if it would help so that it might be included in the next edition.

Kittatinny Map Set?

When will a new Kittatinny map set come out?  No more for sale on the web site and I'm not seeing them in the stores either.

Kittatinny maps at printer, available mid-October

The Kittatinny Trails map set is officially at the printer and we expect print copies to be available in early- to mid-October.  We encountered a few delays with this map set, which we had planned to have available earlier in the summer; however, we were fortunately able to incorporate trail changes that just occurred late in the summer, including a new Red Maple Trail in southern Stokes State Forest that connects to the Tillman Ravine area.

Jeremy, TC Cartographer

No More Life Memberships available?

I was looking at the web site's join/renew page and have observed that the life membership category has been dropped for the past year or so.  Not enough interest?  Or some other reason?  Just curious..................

Parking in Suffern for SBM?

We're looking to do a 2 day backpacking trip of the SBM trip traveling Northbound.  Is there any place in Suffern to park the car?  We'd either be starting Fri after 6PM or early Saturday AM and out by Sunday evening.   Thanks

Thanks for the responses.  

Thanks for the responses.   It looks like non-permit overnight parking is forbidden in the lots near the train station.  I think we'll take an alternate start - Seven Hills Trail from Reeves Meadow Visitors Center to  TMI to SBM.  It looks like it will be pretty scenic from the stars listed on the map.

sbm parking

i think the parking across from the trailhead should be ok for the can check with the suffern village hall to make sure or the parking authority. if ur on facebook there is a suffern friends and neighbors group

Maybe The Train Station

You could check with NJT and see if overnight parking is allowed at the train station on weekends. It's only a short walk from the station to the trailhead.

parking sbm

usually on weekends or nites its ok to park in lot across from the start of the SBM trail, SAT AM is farmers market so try to park as far north as u can

Mountain Laurels

Hey anyone starting to see the Mountain Laurels bloom?  Any hot spots in Morris County or elsewhere? Thanks  JD

Shawangunk maps

Thanks for the quick response. Im not a big fan of ordering things online - however I do hike the ramapo area often. Would these be availible at the HQ building when released?

Maps available at Headquarters

Yes, all of our maps and books are available at our new headquarters adjacent to Ramapo Valley County Reservation as soon as we receive them from the printer.  We are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday (from now until the fall).

Shawangunk maps

Is there a release date for the new mapset? I dont want to pre order or anything, I am just wondering when I can pick it up at either sterling forest visitor center or the bookstore on the palisades parkway.   Thanks!

Shawangunk Maps in June

We anticipate getting the new Shawangunk maps to the printer very soon, with availability in early June.  However, please note that it may take several weeks for the locations you mentioned to order and receive the new maps, so ordering directly from the Trail Conference is your best bet for obtaining the maps when they first come out.

TC Cartographer

Closed Sam's Point trails & Shawangunk map set

Jeremy, I assume the map set was all ready before the recent fires in the Sam's Point area. Will there be some notation in the packaged set -- a paper insert, say -- alerting hikers to the closed trails? Thanks!

Lost Camera - Norvin Green State Forest

a hiker has lost her camera while hiking in Norvin green - about two weeks ago.   She was on the Green Otterhole Trail and then on the WCR, yellow trail.  Not sure which direction she took.    It is a sand colored Canon PowerShot Digital Elph point and shoot camera If you have found this, please notify me at [email protected]  posted by Trail Chair for Central North Jersey Trails 

Legacy Ridge - Woodbury, NY

Been doing a lot of exploring in Black Rock Forest, and on Schunermunk Mountain recently. While walking down Mineral Springs Road, I came across a sign from the Open Space Institute labeled "Legacy Ridge".   Did a little research and discovered they protected this land in 2013 with intent to create a trail network, however I cannot find any further information, and seeing as how this is still OSI property and not transferred to the state or another entity, I presume there are still some issues to be worked out or something.   Does anyone know anything further about this? Is this land currently legal to explore? I noticed a gated woods road, dont remember if there were any no tresspassing signs, but I thought it best to find out what I could before I went tromping through unknown areas. Quite curius about this area and its potential to connect the mountain and Black Rock. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

RE:Legacy Ridge

At the SE corner of the property  a driveway leads off of old Mineral Springs Road. The old road is gated off but you can park to the side of it. Follow the drivey up toward the pond. To the right you will find a trail which leads you to the NW side of a field. I do not recall if this part of the trail is marked. An old woods road leads up to the ridge, it has some markers. A couple of views exist up on the ridge. Also you will find a small kiosk with information at the driveway on your way in. Andy Garrison

2015 New Year

Happy New Year & enjoy the new year with out door activitivies.  (Snowshowing, X - Country Skiing, hiking, swimming at Lake Awosting, and Photogray)

No Skiing at Minnawaska. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!? No snow this Christmas in Ulster County, NY.  No snowshoeing or skiing.

No Skiing

Still no snow.

New York Trail Book

Where can I buy the New York Trail Book?

12/23/2014 Weather

It been "raining" with a heavy drizze all day. Its only the 2nd day of winter.  (12/23/2014)

Movie "Wild"

Has any one seen the movie "Wild" yet?  Any held or seen any review?

Movie "Wild"

I 'hearld' the movie is comming out on December 25?

NJ Walk Book

What happened to the NJ Walk Book? It doesn't appear on the list of books to purchase.

New Jersey Walk Book

The New Jersey Walk Book went out of print several years ago.  At present, the Trail Conference Publications Committee has decided not to revise and reprint it.  Updated information on trails, hikes and parks in New Jersey is available on the Trail Conference website.

New Jersey Walk Book



There is still snow on the ground in Ulster County, NY

What happened to the planned Iron Belt Trail?

On my 2009 North Jersey trail map 116, it shows the proposed route for the Iron Belt Trail, which would connect the Appalachian Trail and the Highlands Trail in the western section of that map area. Having just received the 2014 edition of this map set, i noticed that the proposed route is no longer on the map, nor is there any mention of the trail. Was the idea for this trail abandoned for some reason?

Iron Belt Trail

Hey Michael........Many hours went into the planning and design of this rather long trail (for NJ Trails, that is), but there were complications. One of which was the remoteness of this proposed trail and access points in the event of an emergency or a hiker becoming benighted. At the moment it's on the back burner, but may be revieved sometime in the future. Please don't attempt to locate any trace of it since it was only a Trail on a map, not on the ground.

Thanks Bob

Thank you for the reply. I wasn't planning on looking for it lol, but i was somewhat disappointed to see that it had not come to fruition, since it looked like a great area for hiking. I do understand the reasoning for not going through with the trail though.

White Bar Shelter?

I have an older version of the Harriman map set (2010), and it shows a shelter on the White Bar Trail, just south of 106. I passed that area today, and took a look around, but could not find the shelter. All i saw were numerous fire rings spread around the area. Does this shelter still exist? If so, does anyone know what kind of shape it's in? Thanks   Also, i stayed at the Bald Rocks shelter last night, and it is in great shape since the park did work on it. It does have a very small sleeping platform though, 2, maybe 3 people at most. I'm not sure why the park didn't extend the platform all the way across inside...

White Bar Shelter removed on 2012 edition of Harriman 118

The shelter on the White Bar Trail, just south of its crossing of Route 106 (and before reaching Car Pond Mountain), was removed from the map in the next published edition in 2012.  This particular shelter was an old camp shelter and not like the official shelters in the park.  It had no floor, was a metal structure, was located off the trail a short distance, and was something we and the park did not want to show on the map for safety issues, as well as to make sure map users did not think this shelter structure was similar to the other official shelters in the park.~Jeremy, TC Cartographer

Thank you

Thanks Jeremy- i plan on updating my Harriman maps with this week's sale, but i appreciate the reply.

(Missing?) map question

I can't find a trail map that covers the area east (-ish) of High Point NJ (map 123) and west (-ish) of Vernon NJ (map 116). That would cover a small portion of the AT as well as Liberty Marsh etc. Am I just looking in the wrong place, or does it not exist?

Map for area between High Point and Vernon

The Trail Conference does not publish a map that covers the area between High Point (Map 123) and Vernon (Map 116).  That area is, however, covered on one of the maps that accompanies the Appalachian Trail Guide for New York and New Jersey, published by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and available from the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.

Oh well, thanks for the

Oh well, thanks for the reply. I wouldn't buy the bookset for just this one section. Maybe you guys can add this at some future point in time.....

Open Space NJ Vote "NO"

Folks, we all want more open space, but this bill before the voters is simply a "Shell Game", where we are being asked to Rob Peter to pay Paul. While it may appear that this bill will provide 71 Million Dollars for "Open Space", but in fact it will be robbing this amount that was approved by voters in 2006. Pollution control programs will be reduced to essentially nothing, State parks will lose all previously approved funding for major repairs and upgrades. And a "Yes" vote will result in a loss of jobs for about 200 DEP Employees. Vote "NO" to protect our Parks and Pollution Control Programs.

NJ 2014 Ballot Public Question #2- VOTE NO

In regard to the open space funding question on November 4, 2014, in New Jersey.  While this question and the people behind it are well intentioned, this is a classic case of the Law of Un-Intended Consequences.  I urge voters to vote "No" on this question.               I have previously supported open space funding but find it harder and harder to do so for various reasons.  This recent public question has not provided the public with enough information about where the money to pay for this program will come from.  In reading about this question, it appears that for all intent and purposes the money will be taken from the NJDEP Parks budget and the budgets for other NJDEP programs related to clean water planning and enforcement, hazardous waste site clean-up and even air pollution programs.  This was recently described in a review of the CBT (Corporate Business Tax) and NJDEP budget that was analyzed by the environmental group known as PEER- NJ Chapter, that can be reviewed at on the October 21, 2014 entry, " Flying Blind on Open Space – And Lying About It".   The state parks have enough trouble already to obtain funding to operate and are resorting more and more to charging fees to run their operations.  While some may say the users should pay to use these locations, the parks were always supposed to be for everyone, regardless of income, to enjoy the outdoors for little or no money as a public service for all.  Don't complain about reduced access to parks or activities because you voted to reduce the meager funding the parks currently receive.     Additionally, the other environmental programs that would be affected will result in fewer personnel to carry programs the public may not see directly but absolutely affect everyone's health and quality of life.  Don't complain about dirty water or odors/air pollution or clean beaches or other environmental issues if you vote for this public question and it results in layoffs of the people who perform these jobs.  And if more open space is purchased, who will be there to oversee it?  To prevent problems like the rampant dumping of solid waste on public property (parks) or prevent other damages to these resources that are currently occurring?   This public question, if passed, will end up having unforeseen negative consequences.  While true open space is important (not ball fields or lighting; a manipulation of what this fund was intended for, but for undeveloped natural space), this is not the way to fund its purchase.  I will not vote for the passage of this public question.  I urge voters to carefully consider the negative impacts of this question and vote "No" on this question.      

Open Space Question Vote NO

thank you Joe, for calling it as it is!  We voted for stable funding for the Parks in 2006; this "new" question seeks to re-write that vote by stripping $39 million from environmental programs as outlined in your post as well as $32 million from the State Parks. And that loss of money remains through fiscal year 2020!   (The Parks have a $400 million backlog on capital repairs and upgrades - that's why we votedin 2006.)    I have heard estimates of 200+ people being terminate by NJDEP - people who would monitor pollution problems and effect remediation. Thanks for your honest opinion. Estelle   

The Trail Conference Supports NJ Question 2

The Trail Conference urges a YES vote on Question 2. This referendum is not perfect, but it is the only chance we have to secure permanent funds for land acquisition and parks improvement, as well as stewardship efforts. After passage, it is then incumbent on the Trail Conference, the New Jersey Keep It Green Coalition, and everyone with an interest in preserving our parks to ensure the enabling legislation allocates a significant portion of the funds for parks improvement. Furthermore, we will need to continue working to ensure parks receive adequate annual budgets. -- Amber Ray, Trail Conference Communications Manager

NJ Sierra Club Urges "YES" on Question 2

Also the New Jersey Sierra Club is urging everyone to vote YES : "On November 4th you will have the opportunity to save open space in New Jersey by supporting Public Question #2! This ballot question would dedicate part of the Corporation Business Tax revenues to fund open space preservation.  Passing this ballot measure is critical for New Jersey’s future.  Without this funding there will be no money left to buy open space, save farmland, buyouts of flood prone properties, or to build parks and playgrounds in our neighborhoods.  Open Space is the most successful program in state history and without funding the bulldozers will win.  Once you lose open space to development you can never get it back. That is why it is critical to vote YES to save open space in the Garden State! Investing in open space is investing in our future. Urban parks are a catalyst for redevelopment. Open space helps our tourist economy with outdoor recreation providing more than $4 billion a year in economic activity. Preserving farmland keeps our agriculture industry viable. By buying open space we also protect our water supply. We would be hurting ourselves both environmentally and economically by not investing in parks and open space. New Jersey needs this funding for open space now more than ever! We need to help buyout families that have been impacted by flooding. We need to keep the garden in the Garden State. We need to make sure we have parks and recreation areas for our families to enjoy. Most importantly buying open space helps protect our environment, our water supply, creates habitat for threatened and endangered species, and protects our forest and farmlands. We urge you to VOTE YES on Public Question #2 to save New Jersey’s Open Space!"

Sierra Club out of Touch with reality-VOTE NO on Question 2

Sierra Club would rather gut other environmental programs than do what is right, robbing Peter to pay Paul.  The lack of detail on Club's part is disingenuous.  Don't be fooled by a bad proposition.  Open space is important but so are the details ABOUT HOW TO PAY FOR IT.  It's great that the TC and the KIG coaIiton are now setting precedent to start canabalizing environmental programs for the benefit of other environmental programs.  Jeff Tittle & company will be the first to complain when water quality is impacted, the underground storage tank program decimated or parks can no longer support themselves when the money has been diverted to this poor choice.  Who knows, maybe Sierra Club is playing chicken with the State thinking the State would not be so bold as to gut these other programs due to public back lash over funding cuts.  Think again, it will happen.   There will be un-intended consequences if this question is passed.  At least we will know where to publically assign the blame when it happens.  VOTE NO FOR PUBLIC QUESTION #2 on NOv.4, 2014.

Black Bear Kills NJ Hiker

There are news stories this morning that a bear killed a hiker in Apshawa Reserve in NJ. Initial reports are that a group of hikers were being followed by a bear while hiking in the reserve. The hikers made the mistake of running in different directions to try to get away from the bear. One of the hikers was found dead by authorities a few hours later after failing to reunite with the other walkers. If you ever run into a bear in the woods, DO NOT run away. That is one of the worst things you can do. Do not panic. Make yourself look as big as possible. Make noise, shout, etc., and slowly back away from the bear. My condolences to the family of the deceased. RIP.

Very sad,

and by chance, today my copy of Trail Walker arrived in the mail, with an article by Jerry Adams about his experience with a "problem bear" in Stokes State Forest. Be careful out there folks.

Digital Maps

The digital maps should be free to members who have purchased the print versions. I am sure you know who bought what and when. Making loyal subscribers pay for this new service is short sighted IMHO.  If you provided the redundant maps for free and the service is as good as it looks on paper, I am sure people would buy the ones they don't have rather quickly.  I know I would.  Using your method, you risk selling far less than you would if you did it the way I suggest.  I may overcome my dismay at some point and buy digital for maps I dont currently possess but I refuse to pay for what I already have in print.  I urge you to rethink your sales strategy on this.