6/16 Status meeting minutes available; Next status meeting is June 30 at 1:30 PM

I've completed the minutes and action item list for this week's status meeting.  Please review it, note your action items, and have fun working on them!  If I got anything wrong or left anything out, please correct the minutes or let me know so I can make the correction.

Thanks!!!   Ann 


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To me, ATV means motorized, 4-wheel vehicles, not mountain bikes. Frankly, I generally prefer to avoid abbreviations; not everyone knows the abbreviations that we take for granted.

ATV not equal to ATB (All Terrain Bike)

However, I give up on ATB as Wikipedia does not even understand it. IBMA does not seem to use either mt bike or mtn bike but rather spell it out on their web site. a search for either mt bike or mtn bike on google seems to produce about the same articles, most spelling out mountain bike in the actual text so it appears that google treats both as abbreviation/synonyms. my new opinion: spell out as mountain bike.

10) Mt. bike vs Mtn. bike vs

10) Mt. bike vs Mtn. bike vs ATB ( I vote for the later as more compact). Spacing issue fixed. Commenting here because can't comment on an event. Could allow comments on events. However I think the comments really should be on the minutes directly which can't be done with the current structure. I propose something like keeping the events to be just events and have a separate database for meetings which are structured into an agenda, minutes and action items. The latter need some simple way of signaling that they have been done. I will prototype something in this area.