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  • NY-NJ Trails Overview
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  • Scheduled Hikes
  • Area Hiking Clubs
  • Trail Closures & Conditions
  • Hikes from Public Transportation
  • Report a Trail Problem
  • Leave No Trace

Be Informed

  • Know Before You Go
  • Trail Alerts & Conditions
  • Health & Safety
  • Trail University 
  • Trail Advocacy Alerts
  • Trail Crew Schedules
  • Calendar
  • Trail Walker
  • E-Walker 

Get Involved

  • Adopt a Trail
  • Join a Trail Crew 
  • Boundary Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring  
  • Volunteer Off Trail 
  • Take a Trail Building Workshop

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  • NY-NJ Trail Guidebooks
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  • Our Mission
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For Claudio

What is the Nice Menu item doing on the primary menu? That is not the way to implement it. Talk to me if you need help. Out of town until after the 4th, use Cell number.

Walt will do

I will fill these into the primary menu over the next few days. However suggested changes are welcome. I may make a few as I look at them carefully and try to link them to something. Please edit the topic with your changes and put you initials after your changes. I would like to see a third level on these where appropriate. And maybe a forth. The general result should be something like a high level site map.