Hike Database Technical Problems/Issues

This is a place to post problems with the hike database as they are encountered. I will delete listing when problem goes away. 

  • Editing function goes missing in some entries (seems to be those that have urls in the Web Map Url field).
  • Code displays in some of the Features Text fields (ex, see Bull Hill entry)
  • Uploading photos: need protocol/tool re sizes

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Code displays in some of the Features Text fields (ex, see Bull

Bull Hill fixed, but it is a generic error on a number of the hike pages. The features field is a plain text field. It is an error to enter html into it. Edit the field and remove the html. Most of these broken ones are also broken in that the description was pasted instead of pasted from Word. These are fixed by select all, copy, paste into paste from word.

This does not seem to resolve problem

I am getting code regardless of how I input copy into this field--from scratch, copy from HOTW web page and paste via plain text or paste from Word. All have given me the following on this entry:

<p> This loop hike climbs to Hawk Rock, a panoramic overlook, and circles Bear Swamp Lake. </p>

The format of the line was set to paragraph instead of none.

I also fixed the body which had Word artifacts and the Input format was set to Filtered HTML instead of Rich Text. These are likely to be problems on many of the ones Arthur entered as the defaults were wrong when he did them.

re photo uploading

Comment via email from Walt: 

Drupal has several mechanisms for uploading pictures. I think all of them take full res originals and produce at least a system fixed size (adjustable) and a thumbnail (adjustable size) at medium res.  We need to standardize on one mechanism and a standard size for the whole site. A good topic for the next meeting except I won’t be there (maybe on phone).  Meanwhile some suggested sizes from the artistic might help. I will try to spell out some of the differences between some of the mechanisms and give pointers to how they work in practice. I know there are issues with really high res > 4M photos.

Re photos

Comment from Doug via email:

Have to have them all sized to a certain px dimension. Otherwise they will be all over the place.
Unless Walt has some graphics library within the DB that auto-resizes images for placement.