Sawyers and Swampers


All sawyers and swampers are welcome to join this group.
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  • You can identify yourself as a sawyer or swamper by checking the appropriate box when you register 
  • Or click on My Groups in the left menu. Click on the Join button at the right edge of the Sawyers and Swampers group.
There is a committee working on refining our chainsaw policy. The material here, other than the existing policy, is draft and subject to change. Help the committee by commenting on the Forum or talking to one of the committee members. Estelle Anderson(chair), Walt Daniels, Andrew Argeski, David Day, Bob Jonas, Joel Pinsker, Chris Reyling, Jack Shuart, Pete Zuroff, Kevin Simpson (staff), The material currently is existing practice and only a framework for an approved policy.

Sawyer's Resources

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