Use of email addresses on web pages

Email addresses used on web pages are subject to screen scraping by spammers and putting that address on spam email lists. We should avoid this and not give them the opportunity. The way to avoid this is to use contact forms on the web. Currently volunteers is a registered user and you can use to put up the form. What other internal contacts should I make registered users?

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Contact info for leaders of scheduled hikes

How should we handle contact info for the leaders of member club hikes? I' m thinking that maybe putting Hikers Almanac on the site as it appears in TW may not be a good idea after all. Perhaps we can just put the date, destination, and a link to the club?

Spammers are a pain

They force us to make all sorts of suboptimal decisions we would rather not make. For example, do we post the TW at all because it has info we would rather that the spammers don't get. Or do we post it but require users to be logged on to see it. This prevents search engines from cataloging its contents and having lots of material available to search engines on the web is one of the prime ways of driving more users to our site.

We could integrate the TW and the web more thoroughly and use only web safe addresses in the TW, but that will cut off non-web users to some extent, e.g. paper copy having a click here to contact hike leader would not be useful. (Besides having the production problem of generating "fake" users if we want to mention someone who is not already registered). However non-web users are already disenfranchised when the only way of contacting someone is via email. Similar remarks apply about publishing phone numbers or mailing addresses.

As a practical matter, we probably need a signoff from everyone we mention in the TW or on the website, that we are exposing private information. After all the TW does not just go to our members, but is also distributed at Campmor, etc. And even going to just our members is an exposure because our members are largely unknown to most people and I certainly can't certify that we don't have an evil member or two who will misuse the info.

Each individual has to determine for themselves exactly how private they want to be. For example there are "disposable" email addresses. You can easily get one of these and use it for exactly one purpose, e.g. leading one hike. When the hike is over you cancel the email. So you are exposed to spam for only a very short period. There is a fair amount of hastle in doing all of this so it depends on your value of your own privacy.

I don't understand your final question

I don't understand what you are asking for when you say, "What other internal contacts should I make registered users?"  Could you clarify?

Almost all the generic

Almost all the generic contacts, e.g. volunteers, orders, office, etc. where the website is going to direct users to contact someone.