Volunteer Committee


The Volunteer Committee enables the Trail Conference to attract and retain volunteers by developing and ensuring implementation of programs that maximize volunteer contributions. It also develops and implements a volunteer recognition program, which includes annual awards. Finally, the committee consults with regard to volunteer policy compliance.

  • Group Members

    • Dan Van Engel   admin
    • macmassey   admin
    • jerdsneker  
    • chconnol  
    • [email protected]   admin
    • Jane Daniels  
    • egoodell  
    • webmaster  


HandsOn Network

HandsOn Network

another place to advertise volunteer opportunities 

Volunteer Program Goal and Objectives

For discussion & input to Board meeting May 26, 2009

STRATEGIC PLANNING for Volunteer Committee

NY- NJ Trail Conference Strategic Framework -DRAFT April 16, 2009 Goals By 2012, The NY NJ TC will achieve these 5 critical outcomes: VOLUNTEERS: An appropriate number of volunteers, with the necessary skills will be efficiently deployed, managed and retained to effectively achieve the trail conference mission.
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