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National Long Distance Trail Map

Hi Jennis, cool map.  I can't blow it up large enough to see clearer, but I believe it is missing VT's Long Trail.  I see the AT in VT (upon which it is colocated in souther VT) veering east into NH, but don't see the LT coninuing north to Canada.  Correct? Kevin McGuinness, TC Member and Volunteer Trail Maintainer

Map only includes NPS National Trails

Hi Kevin.

This map is meant to cover only the long-distance trails within the National Park Service's "National Trails System", which includes National Scenic Trails and National Historic Trails.  So while the Appalachian Trail is included, other well-established long-distance trails like the Long Trail in Vermont, or the Long Path in New York, are not included because they are not officially part of the NPS National Trails System.


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