D6 checkout page updated

Committee or Team: 
Web Design
Drupal 6 Test

I did some work on the D6 checkout page.

1. Made the collapsible panes uncollapsible.

2. Added Javascript code to automatically click the submit button to get a shipping quote when the delivery address state is populated on page load or when it is changed. I altered the quote message to reflect this behavior. The same Javascript also hides the button.

3. Inserted html tags to make the fieldset legends display in the <h2> theme style.

4. Changed and/or added CSS in trails.css to ensure that all of the fieldsets display simililarly.

5. Added CSS in trails.css to hide the discount codes pane.

The non CSS changes were made in the nynj_custom2 module using form_alter.

I left the order summary visible on the page for troubleshooting purposes. It is easily hidden using existing ubercart admin settings.

The page does not look like D5, but I think it looks OK now and I think it does what it is supposed to do. More elaborate changes are, of course, possible with more effort.