Get rid of excess meeting views

Committee or Team: 
Web Design
content type
Drupal 6 Live
Walt Daniels
The Web Design view of meetings had a bug that took it forever to load the panel page to show the meetings. Other committees did not have this bug but no amount of patching to look like the others made it work The right answer was to get rid of all of the other specific committee views and use a general meeting view with an argument. So there are now 8 fewer views to convert going to D7. One incomplete glitch. We have several committees with an & in their name. &s are not allowed in arguments so the committee names were changed to not have the &. (actually retained the ones with & because the field_committee is used in several content types and I only fixed the meeting content type to use the new spelling. The others need to be looked at. Glitch fixed - all the & committees are now gone. 12/3/2012