Catskill Fire Towers - Red Hill Trail Map

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Catskill Fire Towers - Red Hill Trail Map
Catskill Park
This detail map of the area surrounding Red Hill Fire Tower in the Catskill Forest Preserve is provided as a courtesy by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. It is adapted from Catskill Trails, a six-map set that shows all designated trails within the Catskill Park, is printed in color, shows elevation contours, and is waterproof and tear-resistant. To obtain these full-featured maps, click here!   New York-New Jersey Trail Conference volunteers and member organizations maintain over 200 miles of trails and 29 lean-tos in the Catskill Forest Preserve and along the Long Path north of the park boundary. Learn more about trail and lean-to maintenance, trail crew work, trainings and workshops, conservation and advocacy efforts, events, and other Catskill-related news by clicking here.  
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Trail head parking

3/15/15 - Seasonal access road to Trail head parking lot is impassable even with a 4x4 truck. There is still 2.5'+ of snow so you need to park at the open spot at the intersection of Dinch Rd and Rudolh Rd. It's another .5 miles to the trail head parking lot. I spoke with a local DEC officer we ran into and he said it was fine to park there. We did not have enough time to make it to the tower so we cut our hike short. Conditions: 29 degrees, heavy winds, light snow. 2.5' of snow on ground with a thin layer of ice on top.