Catskill Fire Towers - Hunter Mountain Trail Map

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Catskill Fire Towers - Hunter Mountain Trail Map
Catskill Park

This detail map of the area surrounding Hunter Mountain Fire Tower in the Catskill Forest Preserve is provided as a courtesy by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. It is adapted from Catskill Trails, a six-map set that shows all designated trails within the Catskill Park, is printed in color, shows elevation contours, and is waterproof and tear-resistant. To obtain these full-featured maps, click here!


New York-New Jersey Trail Conference volunteers and member organizations maintain over 200 miles of trails and 29 lean-tos in the Catskill Forest Preserve and along the Long Path north of the park boundary. Learn more about trail and lean-to maintenance, trail crew work, trainings and workshops, conservation and advocacy efforts, events, and other Catskill-related news by clicking here.


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