Long Path Relocation in the Catskills, 2014 Trail Map

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Long Path Relocation in the Catskills, 2014 Trail Map


**This section of trail officially opened June 7!  Read more about the trail opening event by clicking here**

This detail map of the area covered by the new relocation of the Long Path relocated Long Path in the Catskill Forest Preserve is provided as a courtesy by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. It is adapted from Catskill Trails, a six-map set that shows all designated trails within the Catskill Park, is printed in color, shows elevation contours, and is waterproof and tear-resistant. To obtain these full-featured maps, click here!


This extension of the Phoenicia-East Branch Trail and the new route of the Long Path to Phoenicia is thanks to the hard work of more than 100 volunteers, who put in over 10,000 hours of service in 3.5 years to lay out and construct approximately 9.5 miles of new backcountry trail in the Slide Mountain Wilderness.  Trail Conference volunteers and staff worked closely with staff from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) through the entire process, including several years of planning that were required to amend the Unit Management Plan for the Slide Mountain Wilderness to allow for the development of the trail. The opening of this trail is a great example of the collaborative efforts between the Trail Conference and our partners such as the DEC.

This new trail removes more than 7 miles of road walk from the route of the Long Path, which travels close to 100 miles through the Catskill Park, from Wawarsing in the south to Windham in the north.

From Woodland Valley, the Phoenicia-East Branch trail is now co-aligned with and extends along the Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide Trail.  Less than a half a mile after the intersection with the Terrace Mountain Trail and just before the WCS Trail begins ascending Wittenberg Mountain, the new Phoenicia-East Branch Trail/Long Path route leaves the Wittenberg-Cornell- Slide Trail to the north. The new trail tracks the upper edges of Cross Mountain Hollow before traveling over Cross Mountain.  At the southern end of Cross Mountain, open rock ledges offer a fantastic vista to the north and the landscape followed by the new trail.

From Cross Mountain, the trail descends slightly and then climbs and passes just below the summit of Mount Pleasant.  From Mount Pleasant, the trail descends before ascending slightly to the summit of Romer Mountain.  After Romer Mountain, the trail makes its way down to Lane Street, just outside the village of Phoenicia.

Continuing north from Phoencia, the Long Path extends to the Mount Tremper trailhead, where it climbs Mount Tremper.  From there it follows the Warner Creek Trail to its junction with the Devil’s Path, then follows the Devil’s Path eastward.  From the eastern end of the Devil’s Path, the Long Path heads north, crossing over the shoulder of Kaaterskill High Peak and then following the Escarpment Trail to Windham.

Heading south from the new trail junction with the Wittenberg- Cornell-Slide (Burroughs Range) Trail, the Long Path climbs the summits of the Catskills three highest peaks, crosses Table and Peekamoose Mountains, and then through Sundown and Vernooy Kill State Forests before leaving the Catskill region in Wawarsing.

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference volunteers and member organizations maintain over 200 miles of trails and 29 lean-tos in the Catskill Forest Preserve and along the Long Path north of the park boundary. Learn more about trail and lean-to maintenance, trail crew work, trainings and workshops, conservation and advocacy efforts, events, and other Catskill-related news by clicking here.


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