2009-06-22 Web Design status Meeting

Monday, June 22, 2009 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Conference call
Web Design
Old Business:

1. Agenda modifications

2. Subteam status reports

* Office status (Josh)
-- Store code
-- Other office issues

* Technology (Walt)
-- Backup plan
-- Redirected pages
-- Drupal 6 http://www.nynjtc.org/view/d6-vendor

-- new CRM database

* Content (Georgette) 

* Google Analytics (Doug)

* Business model (Ann/Ed)
-- Shall we defer Phase 2 of the Web site until we've taken care of Drupal 6 and CRM database?

3. Set goals for next week.
* Walt's priorities
* Other high priority items

4. Specific action items requiring discussion.
See http://nynjtc.org/meeting/actions
Review outstanding actions from last month's meeting minutes

5. "Phase 2" planning

* Process: gather requirements, prioritize requirements, size implementation, build work plan, implement per plan.
* Gather requirements -- 
Step 1: Build tentative starter list of requirements (in random order for now); 
Step 2: take to committees, staff, board for additional input.

New Business:

Meeting schedule:
Next meeting: phone call or at TC office? 
Invite someone to next status meeting?

For later discussion:
Ed requests we discuss: Publication pages; Member org pages; Sponsor pages; 301 redirect on html pages