2009-12-10 Technology Committee meeting

Thursday, December 10, 2009 - 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Planning session
Ann, Walt
  • The committee co-chairs met and discussed composition of the Technology Committee (core members: Ann, Walt, (Ed), Josh, Development Director, Catherine, Cal Rizzuto), how often it should meet (quarterly starting Feb 2010), outline for Technology Plan.
  • Reviewed 2010 objectives per FY2010 budget planning exercise.
  • Discussed some action items as follows:
    1. Set up meeting with Ann, Walt, Josh to go over office technology status and 2010 needs.  As part of this meeting, get Josh to review terms of TIS contract.  (Ann to do.)
    2. Create book on Web and populate it with outline for Technology Plan. (Ann to do.)
    3. Present Technology Committee overview at January board meeting (Ann, Walt)
    4. Schedule first meeting and invite committee members. (Ann)
    5. Invite other TC committees to delegate a representative to the Technology Committee who can be responsible for communicating and coordinating their committee's needs.  We in turn will designate a Technology Committee representative to each of the other committees.  (Ann)
  • We also went over the agenda for next Tuesday's orientation meeting for new volunteers.  The three candidates are all strong technically and we will most likely be adjusting our Web meetings and activities going forward to address mainly content and analytics issues while a separate team will focus on the technology projects.