2010-06-07 Web Design status call

Monday, June 7, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Conference call
Web Design
1. Special Topics:

2A. Subteam status reports - first and third Mondays

* Office status (Josh)

* Google Analytics and Theming (Doug)

-- status of overview map ... is it fixed and thoroughly tested?

* Social Networking (Doug-acting)
-- Facebook community pages

* Content (Georgette)

--- Sponsor ads - moving from tab to right column  (GWs call: 1) wait for the automatic solution, 2) do the manual way)


--- Any follow up needed on discussion about HOTW and linking to stuff?

--- Phil's work on public submissions of hikes

* Business model (Ann)
-- call for technical orientation and assign activities for new volunteers

-- Start thinking about 2010-11 budget and plan

-- Include plan for Web promotions? -- discuss

2B. Technology status reports - second and fourth Mondays

-- Brief status update for team (Walt)

-- Current site:
-- Drupal 6 (Walt)
-- ebase
-- CRM (Walt -acting)

3. Set goals for next couple of weeks

4. Specific action items requiring discussion.
Review outstanding actions

Meeting schedule:
Next meeting: phone or office?

Parking lot (for later discussion):