2010-08-23 Web Design technology status call

Monday, August 23, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Conference call
Web Design

Early D R A F T 8/16 

1. Subteam status reports - Second and Forth Mondays - any urgent items? 

* Office status (Josh)

* Google Analytics and Theming (Doug)

* Social Networking (Doug-acting)

* Content (Georgette)

* Business model (Ann)

2. Review last meeting's minutes for action items

3. Technology status reports - second and fourth Mondays

-- Current site

Any outstanding issues?

-- Drupal 6 (Walt)

  • Source code control system (prereq for going live)
  • Progress since last call
  • What still needs doing
  • Kipp's work orders - status
  • Plan for final testing and migration, training and communications

-- ebase / CRM (Walt -acting)

4. Set goals for next couple of weeks

5. Meeting schedule: change time of calls? Is evening a better time for more participation?

Next meeting: phone or office?

6. Parking lot (for later discussion):

Walt, Bill, Kipp
Status of Minutes: 

Kipp work orders:


  • Clarified what Kipp needs to do for Donate page.
  • Still pending begin work on design for Membership page (Josh, Kevin, Doug - to do)
  • Revisit discount page by deleting all of the current messes and installing and configuring only the one that seems to be basically working now. (Known error of discounted prices not showing on Checkout page).
  • Explained more about the changes to Signup module.
  • Walt will check FedEx issue again - possible wrong code makes it not verify account. If that fixes it then done, else ball still in Kipp's court.
  • New scheme of GIT - two new test sites on main server instead of on our individual machines. Kipp will advise if this works - questionable part is using sym links for /files. Then will teach Bill and Walt how to commit.
Bill & Walt
  • Walt will fix the group pages and then start on views pages
  • Bill will work on views pages and make sure we have exports of all of them.