ATCC February 9, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 9:30am - 12:00pm


1. Review of the minutes of the last meeting, 10/1/2010
2. Status of documents: NY MOU, NJ MOU, Management Plan Consolidation
3. MARPC Meeting (Central PA 3/5&6/11) Items
    a. Proposals and/or specific agenda items (awaiting info from MARPC, hope to have more info before our meeting)
    b. 1-minute summary for each NY-NJ AT Committee (PLEASE PREPARE AND BRING TO --THIS-- MEETING!)--
        OR EMAIL in ADVANCE to the group
    c. Attendance plans (who's going, and how?)
4.  Mid-Atlantic Management-Related Items
    a. Bear Mountain project status
    b. Swamp River boardwalk status, including Mid-Atlantic Crew involvement
    c. Wallkill Bridge proposal status
    d. Trail to Every Classroom: Open solicitation for teachers
    e. Monitoring Reports Summaries are due to ATC 2/15
    f. 2010 LL Bean Grants status and ongoing activities
    g. 2011 LL Bean Grants to Clubs (2 submitted) status and discussion (including "what if we get funded"!)
    h. Planning for 2012 LL Bean Grants (NJ Map, others?)
5. Funding issues:
    a. 5-year plan submissions (D/P submitted, any others in??)
    b. Current projects on the 5-year plans
6. Current problems, projects, & issues
7. Any other items?? If you have an item to add, email it to the group TODAY!
Ron, Walt, Jim, Gail, Larry, Chris, Ed
Status of Minutes: 


NY-NJ Trail Conference Appalachian Trail Management Committee


Minutes for the February 9, 2011 meeting

Action items are underlined.


This was a meeting attended by:

Walt Daniels, G. Gail Neffinger, Ron Rosen, Jim Haggett, Ed Goodell, Larry Wheelock and Chris Ingui


The meeting began at 9:35 am


Review of the minutes of the last meeting, 10/01/2010

Since some did not have the minutes at hand to review it was agreed that changes could be sent by email subsequent to this meeting.


Status of documents: NY MOU and NJ MOU. Management Plan Consolodation.

            NY MOU:

The text has been revised but not circulated to agencies yet. Document is almost ready for this secondary review. Larry will oversee sending it to Bob Proudman first for his feedback then send it off to NPS, Karen Lutz (ATC) and Jim Hall (PIPC) for their feedback.


            NJ MOU:

We are waiting for completion of the NY MOU to use as a template for the NJ one. We will start the contact list of agency partners before then. Chris will approach Gaylord to see if he willing to update this list and brief Gene as well. Once contact list and NY MOU is complete, Chris will send it out to NJ partners asking for their proposed revisions.


            NY Local Management Plan (LMP)

Once it is approved by ATC it can be handed out to all agency partners. This agreement will be key in establishing guidelines with law enforcement personel regarding the A.T.  Ron will work on it a little until the March 6th MARPC meeting, but will wait to anything major until ATC weighs in on it.  Note: Change in PIPC Police to State Park Police may effect partner status. Larry will contact Jim Hall to see if they should be included in review process.


MARPC Meeting (Boiling Springs) Items

Larry expressed concern about making it mandatory for staff to be present and felt from his experience in attending the last meeting that the volunteers benefitted most from it. It was generally agreed that staff should go at least once just so they can get acquainted with the ATC partners. If one staff member could go along with the volunteers, that would be ideal. Ed will approach Leigh about attending this upcoming meeting. Larry and Chris are unable to attend, Walt, Ron and Jim will be going. Gail will only be there Saturday.


Karen Lutz has indicated that she is not quite ready to release agenda yet. The purpose to this early release would be so that the committee can discuss issues prior to meeting, this late release of the agenda is a problem, Draft agenda should be released 6 weeks prior to meeting; this must be brought up with Karen at the meeting.

Issues confirmed as being on the agenda are the Management Guide, MOU’s, Capital Planning and Trails in Every Classroom.


Chris will ask Gene about whether he will be attending and if he will be presenting the 1 minute summary for the NJ AT Committee.


Mid-Atlantic Management-Related Items 

Trails for People

Ed brought up ATC funding of TFP, as far as he can tell it does not look like they will be putting the project into their budget. -A.T. Demonstration Trail set to be begin construction in April. Larry, Ed and Chris are working on finishing up a reallocation of funds to make this happen.


Bear Mountain Trails Project

-Summit Loop Trail set to be complete by early May. Official dedication is set to happen on June 6 , 2011. Ed is working with Kevin in organizing the opening.

-Upper East Face was awarded $190,000 in funding from a NY RTP Grant. Mid-Atlantic crew will be working on this section for 3 weeks this year to continue momentum in getting this section done.

 -Major Welch/A.T. Extension will be an official AT side trail, Gail will organize a work trip for blazing. Discussion amongst Eddie Walsh, Chris Ingui and Gail led to the decision that it would be best to abandon the loop portion in favor of an out and back trail. Demo Trail is scheduled to be completed by December of 2011.


Swamp River

900’ out of 1600’ completed. Mid Atlantic crew will arrive on April 17th for 2 weekends. Proposed moving bridge by 100’, DEC did approve this.  Bridge specifics still need to be developed regarding it’s length and materials.


Wallkill Bridge

Last step in process was selecting a design firm to do site location and design work to develop planning. Same company was hired to create this planning process that built the A.T. underpass near Boiling Springs. Once planning is completed the ATC can go out to bid. This TS&L will allow ATC to move toward a final design. Ground is not expected to be broken until 2013 at the earliest.


Trails in Every Classroom

ATC will be soliciting teachers for this hiring round. This is the first year NY and NJ will have a chance of having their teachers involved in this program. Trinity Pawling will be approached to send one teacher to the program by us.



Monitoring reports are due to ATC next week. Which form to use needs to be cleared up. 


LL Bean Grants

            2010 Grant

Dutchess Putnam map - A.T. Maps have been designed and are ready to be used in coordination with a pamphlet to be distributed in our kiosks, partner agency building etc. Jim will work on text. Georgette has offered to help out with text. Jeremy will be approached by Ed to produce … 11” long or 14” long?


            2011 Grant Submissions

-2 submitted. Both out of Dutchess Putnam Committee. 1 for Griphoist Accessories for RPH Shelter maintainers and the other for ???????????

-LL Bean Grant for NJ Map will be put off until 2012 until Dutchess Putnam map is completed.

-Ed proposed we apply for an LL Bean grant to fund the purchasing of hiker crossing signs at AT trail crossings.


NJ AT Ridge Runner Interviews

Interviews are scheduled to happen on February 26th in Worthington. Gene will not be able to attend but will review resumes and provide feedback to Bob Sickley. Chris will attend and present summary at next meeting.


Next Meeting

The next MARPC meeting is scheduled for March 4-5, 2011near Harrisburg, PA.

The next NY-NJ TC AT Mgt meeting will be held October 5, 2011 at 9:30 am at the TC office.