Volunteer Committee Meeting 10/15/09

Thursday, October 15, 2009 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 

Awards will be given out as decided in prior meeting.
We agreed to re-visit how recipients of awards are selected.  While the process has improved, many feel that we should have a more clear process to implement.

T-shirts are intended for trail volunteers, not for TC delegates.  Currently supervisors are to distribute shirts, but we need to consider the best way to coordinate distribution.

Volunteer Committee Goals and Objectives
We had discussion on this topic in two parts, and there was overlap in each.  We discussed objectives as presented by Dan.  They included the following:
    Youth Policy

Our determinations were as follows:
1.  Recruitment Objective:  Identify and define all required volunteer positions.  MA and Estelle will take the lead on this and make sure that position descriptions are written for all existing positions, all positions that will change, and new positions.  The volunteer committee is responsible for description development, but works in conjunction with committee chairs/members regarding content of position.  I’ve verified this with Jane Daniels and she is delighted to have the Volunteer Cmte accountable for this and overall design/approach of volunteer training.

MA will develop a format and questions to elicit required information.  Estelle will begin the process by working with Jane on descriptions in the Trail Maintenance Manual. 

We should discuss timing for completion of project at next meeting.

2.  Retention Objective:  Develop a program to measure volunteer satisfaction.  Bob and Dan, with Catherine, will work with a student from the college to develop questions and a survey.  Bob will also explore using Survey Monkey.
Implement a volunteer recognition program.  We would like to implement decisions in this regard made earlier in the year, but budget continues to be a problem.  No resolution. Fyi, I have $5K in budget for volunteer recognition.  It could be reallocated at the cmte’s discretion.

3.  Youth Policy Objective:  Finalize.  After considerable discussion, we were inclined to pull back a bit from earlier versions requiring background checks.  Estelle volunteered to do a “re-write” that would emphasize the requirement that two adults must be with a youth and make any adjustments to the policy that are required if this were the critical policy requirement.

Ed presented objectives in a different form.  We agreed to the following:
  Numbers 1 and 2 as is.
  We deleted “with core competencies” from number 3.
  We changed number 4 to read “Evaluate training program and make recommendations.”
  Number 5 was left as is.
  We discussed number 6 and agreed that our ability to do this was contingent on the ability of the Technology Committee to lead the way.  They are not in a position to do so at this time.
Note that we should merge the two sets of objectives at a future meeting.

Here are the objectives as I edited them:
1.    Increase # of volunteer hours by 5% maintain vacancies below 10%.
2.    Survey is developed and administered to analyzed key volunteer motivations and overall satisfaction.
3.    Volunteer job descriptions created for all standard positions & ad-hoc assignments.
4.    Evaluate training programs and make recommendations.
5.    Accurate and timely reports of volunteer vacancies, hours, outcomes, and  satisfaction are produced and analyzed annually.
6.    Develop user specifications for  online volunteer reporting system with assistance of Technology Cmte.
7.    Present Youth Policy to Board of Directors for adoption.

Next meeting:  November 19