Volunteer Committee Meeting 10-18-2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 

I.    Priorities:
a.    Produce Management System for Volunteer Structure
i.    One of the goals of the committee will be to solidify, assess and maximize on the current volunteer flow we have to ensure we are screening, recording and following up with all potential volunteers.
1.    In order to reach the needs of our volunteers, it was decided a committee chair meeting would be beneficial to our committee. 
a.    The venue of how to meet with the committee chairs was discussed: forum, trails council and delegate’s meetings all were ideas of how to speak with the group.
b.    From the committee meeting we would like gain:
i.    Expectations: roles and capacity of staff
ii.    What roles the committee has in the 3 R’s
iii.    Job descriptions
iv.    Define needs for upcoming year’s volunteer needs
v.    Clear communication system for the 3 R’s
vi.    Consistency with forms and management
b.    Risk Management and Volunteer Handbook
i.    There is a current and urgent need to create a risk management policy in addition to our volunteer handbook.  Currently, we have a guidelines book that outlines our policies but lacks the “teeth” for action.  A serious effort needs to be made and it will be one of the committee’s first projects and deliverables.
1.    This document needs to address the current holes we may have such as: injury, harassment, volunteer issues, and youth groups.  Our committee does not have the necessary skills to create this ourselves and outside help is needed.
a.    A short list was brainstormed of who would be able to assist us in this undertaking.  Chris Connelly has already offered to assist in the creation of policy and is reviewing the current handbook.  Jane offered to contact Maryann Masey as a prospect as someone who could assist with this project.
b.    Steven Weismann was mentioned as a member who would be able to review the final product.
c.    Recognition Program
i.    recruit at the annual meeting for this.
ii.    Create a solid program of volunteer recognition
iii.    Find the holes of past and present: who is and who isn’t being recognized?

d.    Recruit New Committee Members
i.    Our committee is in need of 2-3 more people.  Jane offered to help