July 2014 - Conservation Committee Meeting

Monday, July 14, 2014 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Agenda for Conservation Committee Meeting (DOC)

(Maps and other files are linked at the bottom of this page as well as at the end of each agenda item)

6 pm on Monday, July 14,  in Mahwah



1 – Approval of minutes of 6/24/14 meeting (DOC).


2 – Updates on action items:


2a – Flieger/Terpening. Letter with OCLT has been signed. (PDF #1) (PDF #2)

2b – Ingber property. Andy was going to talk to DEC.

2c – Kaufman property in Mamakating. Ed and Sona were going to meet with OSI and OCLT. (PDF)

2d – Chester. Dick and Sona were planning to go to town planning board meeting.

2e – Orange County railroad bed. Terrence from OCLT will contact Norfolk Southern and was supposed to get particulars at meeting with OSI. We were going to talk to Jim DeLaune about appraisal. (PDF)

2f – Kiryas Joel. Ed and Sona drafted letter to DEC.

2g – Availability of parcels near Ridgeview. (Andy) (PDF)

2h – Improved document retrieval system? (Bob Ross)

2i – HMUA press release (Bob Ross).


3 – New items:


            3a – Fatta property on Schunemunk Mtn. (JPG #1) (JPG #2) (PDF)

            3b – Venusti. See Bob Ross report 7-3-14. (DOC) (PDF)

            3c – Camp Yaw Paw. See Bob Ross report 7-3-14. (DOC) (PDF)

            3d – Highlands Trail and the Leonne property. (Glenn Oleksak) (PDF).

            3d – C&D Plant in Woodbury. Should we get involved? (PDF)


4 – Old items (if time allows):


4a – Rockland County (Bliss/Marydell).

4b – West Point.




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