Policy Council meeting July 18, 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016 - 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Policy Council

Light meal and networking at 5:30 pm, meeting begins at 6:00 pm.

  1. Introductions including 1) introduction of new member Brian Sniatkowski (pending Board approval), and 2) resignation of Leigh Draper.
  2. Trail Approval Task Force: On hold until new web site is ready. (Walt Daniels)
  3. Trail Standards Task Force: Review of charts to use in presenting the draft Trail Design Standards to the RTCs. (John Magerlein)
  4. Trail Management Guide: Progress report on a new draft based on staff input. The target audience will now include staff members in addition to volunteer leaders. (Mary Dooman)
  5. Trail Management Policy: On hold due to other priorities.
  6. Trail Use Policy: Progress report on drafting this policy, including need for coordination with the Land Manager Relations Policy. (Bob Boysen)
  7. Land Manager Relations Policy: Progress report on drafting this policy. (Estelle Anderson)
  8. Initial thoughts about a risk management and first aid training policy for crew chiefs and leaders. (New leader needed; input from Chris Reyling, Josh Howard, and relevant groups such as NJ Search and Rescue)
Estelle Anderson, Bob Boysen, Chris Connolly, Walt Daniels, Mary Dooman, John Mack, John Magerlein, Chris Reyling, Keith Scherer, Brian Sniatkowski, Fred Stern, Josh Howard. Absent and excused: Peter Hoh, Moe Lemire
Status of Minutes: 
  1. John Magerlein noted that Leigh Draper has resigned from the Policy Council. Brian Sniatkowski, who will join the Policy Council upon approval by the Board of Directors at the July 26 meeting, was introduced. Fred Stern agreed to become the Policy Council representative for the East Hudson RTC.
  2. Trail Approval Task Force
    • Walt indicated that the trail approval process is on hold until the new web site is up and running since all the forms will change at that time. Currently RTCs may do trail approvals or may delegate this their LTCs, provided that information about approved trails gets reported and included in the trail database.
  3. Trail Standards Task Force
    • Charts for presentation of the Trail Design Standards to the RTCs were reviewed and approved with minor changes. The RTC representatives should present the charts and the associated standard to their RTC at its next meeting and solicit comments, which should be fed back to the Policy Council by October 1.
    • At our next meeting we anticipate identifying a group to propose changes to the Trail Maintenance Manual, which is likely to be reprinted in 2017.
  4. Trail Management Guide
    • Mary Dooman gave a status report on preparation of a new draft, for which the target audience is the staff as well as volunteer leaders. Josh will identify a staff member to serve on this task force so that some staff input can be received soon.
  5. Trail Management Policy
    • John Magerlein will take the leadership of the task force to revise this policy. It is expected to include sections on trail management, trail standards, land manager policy, and other related policy subjects.
  6. Trail Use Policy
    • Bob Boysen presented a new draft, which addressed the difficult issues in this policy area. Walt will convert this to a Google Docs document and it will be made available for comments by Policy Council members. Josh will also ask staff for their comments.
  7. Land Manager Relations Policy
    • Estelle Anderson gave a progress report. When a more complete draft is available, we will extract the policy parts and probably include them in the Trail Management Policy. The remainder will be a practice for land manager relations.
  8. Risk management and first aid training for crews
    • No progress has been made and a new leader is required. Chris Reyling volunteered to ask Bob Fuller whether he might be interested in leading this activity.
  9. The next meeting will be in person at the Trail Conference office on Wednesday, October 12. A light meal will be available at 5:30 pm, with the meeting scheduled for 6:00-8:00 pm.