September 2011 - Conservation & Advocacy Meeting

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 8:00pm
Conference call

C&A conference call on Wednesday, September 21, 2011, at 8 pm.


1. Review of notes and action items from August meeting 

2. Finances - DEC payment!

3. Review of annual/quarterly objectives

4. Long Path update - 

  1. Marydell  

  2. Database update status


  4. Other

5. SRT Update - 

  1.OrangeCountytax sale

  2. Wolpert/Terpening

  3. Other

6. Highlands Trail

  1. Wang etc. 

  2.Chestergolf course proposal

7.New Jerseyupdate

  1. Tennessee Gas pipeline and proposed trail fund

  2. Other

8. TC Board update

  1. $20,000 budget request; $200K bequest

  1. C&A Coordinator 

  2. Miscellaneous -- Reporting volunteer hours; GOL letter prep 


For reference during tonight's conference call, I have attached 4 maps showing

trails/parcels we will be discussing:


LP_Marydell-UpperNyack --- This shows the Marydell parcels inUpper Nyack, with

the one particular parcel in question shaded orange.  Also shown is the GPS

track from the wanderings of Jakob and Dick that sought a possible trail route

through the main Marydell parcels.


LP_RomerMountain-Catskills --- This shows the relocation of the Long Path in the

Catskills overRomerMountainthat bypasses the long roadwalk onWoodlandValley



SRT_2011Targets --- This is an overview map showing a number of parcels in the

southern Gunks, including theOrangeCountytax sale parcel (#7), Terpening

(#5), and Wolpert (#3).


HT_Wang-Putnam --- This is the same map that has been shown before of the Wang

property and nearby lands, along with proposed routes of the Highlands Trail.




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