Volunteer Committee Meeting 2/3/11

Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 1:00pm - 3:30pm
Dan Van Engel, Catherine Gemmell, Bob Jonas, Estelle Anderson, Chris Connolly, Ken Malkin
Status of Minutes: 

Guests: Georgette Weir, Larry Wheelock and Chris Ingui


GW: some comments about the volunteer insert for the next TW.

CI: recruiting and crew sustainability. He said 200 volunteers per year showed up for 1 or 2 days only and don’t return. What has worked for Bear Mtn : make it harder to volunteer. Orientation, workshop are mandatory, then the actual work trip. Result is more volunteers coming back for additional work trips. He suggests for trail crew leaders purposes: make it more difficult to join a crew (makes it more special) and training/orientation should be made mandatory

RJ: Have to build a core group that is always available to wide areas of a region.

LW mentioned that previously, crew chiefs would run a “beginner’s day” and TM102 workshops to introduce volunteers to crew work. Should remind crew chiefs to re-instate these intro days.

RJ: Publicize high profile projects in the local area such as was done for Bear Mountain.

CI: re: Jolly Rovers (new roving trail crew) will begin in spring. Training will be mandatory; and mandatory for crew members to give 12 work days per year.

LW: Discussed crew membership – more people dropped out for workshops and ’no shows’ for crew trips. Mentioned in the context that since we now openly advertise on the web and do not require membership to participate in workshops and crew activity the number of no-shows has increased significantly. Said should revisit this issue at Trails Council.

GW: suggestion that crew chiefs/leaders focus more on location details and then on the work trip itself. This can attract volunteers.

CI: Artie Hidalgo – a leader of the Jolly Rovers, suggested long sleeve T-shirts in wicking fabric for crew members. Chris will check with EMS as they may donate these shirts, and we can add embroidered logo.

EA: How to obtain crew members names and hours to help increase volunteer hours shown.

KM: Must get trail chairs to cooperate to get these hours.

CG: Ed G has requested that we should handle all evaluations from workshops. He wants us to plan type of workshops.

CI: commented that Program Coordinators are to schedule and reach out for workshops. Vol. Comm. could review the course catalog to be sure it is orderly and necessary programs are done and that there are no scheduling conflicts.

CG: Ed G wants evaluations from each workshop, these would go to the PC for review and then to Volunteer Committee. The Committee disagrees with this; the PCs handle as well as the scheduling.

Jeremy: Reviewed satisfaction survey as he has created and sent to us for review. RJ: all should take this survey prior to the next meeting to be ready for discussion and editing.

Next Meeting: March 3, 2011 at 1: 00 p.m.


Estelle Anderson