Volunteer Committee Meeting 3/1/11

Thursday, March 3, 2011 - 1:00pm - 3:30pm

1.         Awards

                        Recognition:      Current progress:  bags, pins, bandanas

Accompanying letter

                        Annual awards:  When do we start the process for next year?


2.         Crews              recruiting and tactics

                                    ? specialized crews

                                    ? new leaders

                                    Reporting of hours


3.         Volunteer survey   -   Jeremy


4.         Helping the Program Coordinators Manage workshops

                                    Course catalogue

                                    Help manage the workshop schedules

                                    Standardized evaluation forms

                                    Collate the data

5.         Objectives  statistics  -  Catherine

Members: Dan Van Engel, Catherine Gemmell, Bob Jonas, Estelle Anderson, Chris Connolly, Ken Malkin Guests: Pete Heckler, Larry Wheelock, Georgette Weir, Leigh Draper, Jeff Senterman
Status of Minutes: 
  • Crews discussion with Program Coordinators (Larry, Leigh, Jeff

How can the committee help crew leaders?

CC: There is a course for TM101, are crew members aware there are crew courses.  How does Trail conference handle training for crew members.

RJ:  emphasize to crew leaders they should develop the courses for crew members, to help build crews.

LD / LW:  Eddie Walsh is under contract to TC to review our programs for crew and crew training.  They must define types of trails and trail work needed. Eddie will put together an overall plan to develop crews.  

LW: Second objective will be to improve trail standards and create a sustainable training system.   

RJ:  suggests crew should not be by region but by specialized work the crew can do.  Should be part of crew leader training.

LW:  Crew leaders complaint is not enough people, they don’t recruit however.  Need to improve standards, offer more training to teach new techniques.  He feels Eddie can introduce these ideas.  

DVE:  suggests some crew leaders aren’t good at contacting their crew members;  communications is something to be taught to leaders as well.  

LD:  Some leaders spend many hours in managing a crew: gathering tools, contacting crew members, doing the field work, writing reports and follow work.   She feels the Committee can set up templates to deal with all the non-trail items.  Someone on a crew (or new volunteer for non-trail work) can be designated to get in touch with people, coordinate all items that go with a work trip, and complete reports.  That person doesn’t necessarily have to go out to the work site.

CC:  In discussion it was said that training program would depend on grants;
He says this program should be part of the annual budget, not solely depending on grant money.  It is important to create sustainable volunteer crews.

LW:  Need to recruit – try to get volunteers from our member clubs.
Also, each crew leader should do 1 or 2 beginner days each season.

RJ:  We can run articles/free ads in area newspapers to announce work trip opportunities; and per LW suggestion – must notify crew leaders so they are aware of new people for a work trip.

LD: re: Trail University courses.  The Committee can review Trail U courses.
PC’s review the evaluation forms, collate the data and can give us this information on a quarterly basis.

  • Volunteer Committee should support all volunteers, on & off trail

GW: Course evaluations are by perspective of the attendees, there should be follow-up by instructors or PCs to determine how many volunteers result from the courses given. This will help determine which classes are effective, or not, for TC.  

DVE:  Will invite Eddie Walsh and Ed Goodell to next meeting

  • EA: Awards:  discussed pricing of various recognition awards plus quantities needed at certain levels service years.     Not in the minutes, but written information will be provided to committee members.

RJ:  talked about a new item for crew members.   Will have prices for specific items at next meeting.   

CC:  suggests logo baseball caps instead of T-shirts for this fall

  • RJ:    Important that all committee members take the volunteer satisfaction survey  at :   http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VolSatSurvey-draft030111

Comments and suggestions are welcome for our next meeting.          
Some thoughts:  do survey sections progress in a logical way?  is structure okay?

Should questions be added or are there unnecessary questions?

Any suggestions will be welcome so we can fine tune the survey and get it ready for our public

  • Next Meeting April 14, 2011 at 1 p.m