Volunteer Committee Meeting 09-25-2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 

1.    Volunteer Handbook Review
Mary Anne reviewed her changes to the Volunteer Handbook with the other meeting attendees.
•    Chris Connolly felt that the handbook should have consistent use of second and subsequent references to the 'New York-New Jersey Trail Conference'.  It was agreed the term "Trail Conference" will be used.
•    It was decided that the signatories for the handbook will be the Volunteer Chair, the Board Chair and the Executive Director.
•    The committee agreed that the addition of an abbreviation guide as part of the handbook will be beneficial, particularly for the insurance chart.  Mary Anne and Jane will work together to develop such a guide.
•    Mary Anne will send an electronic copy of the handbook to all committee members for editing, and then send the revised handbook to Catherine for formatting.

2.  Recognition Program
•    5 years and up - Mary Anne presented an estimate for the 5-year volunteer awards.  For 1,200 foldable, reusable bags, the estimated cost is $4.98 per item, plus an initial $50 setup fee.
•    25 years or more - Jane has drawn up a list from her own research of Trail Conference volunteers who have volunteered with us for 25 years or more, which she will give to Catherine.  Jane suggested that if we order enough lightweight fleece shirts for 3 years, we would be able to save time and cut costs.  The shirts are very lightweight fleece, and the volunteer will have a choice of non-pullover or pullover.
•    Other Volunteer Awards - Chris asked where the responsibilities should lie for the other volunteer awards.  There was consensus that the Volunteer Committee will be responsible for the actual awards themselves, with Jane as the Volunteer Committee’s representative, and Malcolm Spector for the Nominating Committee.  The topic was then opened to committee discussion - Chris felt that if we assume responsibility takeover part of the volunteer awards, we will need to follow set procedures.  Jane would only be involved in part of two meetings.  Chris stated that when the responsibility lies within just one committee, it isolates responsibility.  The volunteer committee should not be involved with These would not involve selection of delegates-at-large, but should be responsible for the awards.
3. Volunteer Orientation
•    Catherine briefly explained the purpose and format of the proposed Volunteer orientation workshops.  The inaugural workshop is scheduled for October 16, 2008 at 6pm for 6:30pm.  Jane observed that this coincided with the Publications Committee meeting, and that perhaps an alternate schedule be set for subsequent sessions of the workshop.
•    Jane suggested that since Catherine will be running some of these workshops, attending a train-the-trainer course would be of benefit to her.

4. Volunteer Committee Charge - Mary Anne will work on developing a broader statement for the Charge of the Volunteer Committee.

5. Letters - Mary Anne suggested some changes to the National Volunteer Week letter.  It was decided that a second letter would not be necessary.

6. Youth Policy document - Jane recommended that the style and format should follow that of the handbook.
•    The following questions arose: Estelle asked in what instances do we work with children where there is no guardian or parent present; and Catherine asked how we will classify ‘working with children’ and how do we decide who needs a background check.
•    Most agreed that adherence to the Youth policy would be a requirement for all volunteers who work with children.

7. Action Items:
•    Mary Anne - Send copy of the handbook to all members for editing; and then to Catherine to format the document.
•    Jane Daniels -   List of long-term volunteers to Catherine;
Work with Mary Anne together to develop abbreviation guide for handbook;
•    Mary Anne Massey  - Work with Jane together to develop abbreviation guide for handbook;
Develop a draft of a broader Charge.
•    Catherine Gemmell – Look into Train-the-trainer course opportunities;
Format revised Volunteer handbook.
All committee members:  Review final draft of Volunteer handbook.

•    Next meeting will be held on October 21, 2008 at 6 pm.