Volunteer Committee Meeting 11-16-2007

Friday, November 16, 2007 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 

1.    The minutes from the last meeting were approved by all in attendance.

2.    Volunteer Policy Handbook:
a.    This is our top and first priority as a committee. 
b.    The first draft has been sent to Mary Ann Massey and she has agreed to assist in this project.  She was also identified as a member who could contribute to this committee and should be asked to join the committee. 
c.    Mary Anne will be invited to the next meeting to discuss her changes to the Volunteer Policy Handbook.  Dan Van Engle will invite to the meeting and discuss her potential role.

3.    Discussion of new Volunteer Coordinator and committee action:
a.    Discussed the transition period to the new coordinator and the direction of this committee. The volunteer committee will both support the volunteer coordinator on the small tasks by project but also help from above with the bigger picture.  Time will be given to the volunteer coordinator to adjust to the position and we will discuss support more at that time.  The committee, in the early stages, will work project by project.  The first focus is the Volunteer Handbook.
b.    The volunteer coordinator will work on a list of priorities made with their supervisor to create systems for placement, recognition, volunteer relations and communication with field staff. 
c.    Jane will contact Jeff Marino about assisting with the web presence and developing an affective website to assist our volunteer program.

4.    Volunteer Relations Trainings:
a.    Discussion about recruitment workshops led to the conclusion that recruitment workshops are not likely to attract people.  Instead, the committee created the following plan to discuss recruitment and volunteer relations to key volunteers in the organization.  The following were defined and agreed participation:
i.    Supervisor Training on December 1st
ii.    Roundtable for Chairs: Jan 27th
iii.    Roundtable for Crews: Jan 28th
b.    The volunteer committee will present a short section on who we are, what expectations should be upheld when working with the volunteers and a general way of interaction to better promote the organization and focus on retention.   These types of trainings will assist our volunteers in retaining their current volunteers as well as provide perspective in recruitment, relations, and volunteer issues.

5.    Youth Policy and Risk Management therein was defined as the next topic after the handbook. 

6.    The next meeting has been scheduled for December 13th @ 1:00 pm at the TC office.