Volunteer Committee Meeting 11/19/09

Thursday, November 19, 2009 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 

Youth Policy Review:
We went through the document and made adjustments.  Estelle took extensive notes, will confer with Chris, and re-write policy as needed.  Once we have finalized the draft document, it will be distributed to Jane Daniels and employees for input; after input is considered and the document adjusted, it will be given to Board of Directors for input and approval.

It was suggested that we have a summary of key points to the document.

Forms relevant to the document need to be collated/developed.  Needed forms include:
•    Application
•    Suspected abuse/neglect report
•    Parental permission (add medical conditions section)
•    Incident report
Catherine will work on gathering/developing forms.

Job Description Project:
Mary Anne and Estelle reported on the status of the project:
•    Forms and instructions completed
•    Volunteers recruited (2 for immediate work; 2 for future work)
•    Process and work assignment form developed
•    Meeting with volunteers set for 12/4
•    Project completion targeted for spring – specific time frame not agreed to

Volunteer Satisfaction Survey
Bob and Dan reported progress and Bob presented a possible survey.
After discussion it was agreed that we would meet with a professor (Mitch Kahn) whom Ed will contact.  The purpose of the meeting is to learn about developing a survey.  We also discussed the possibility of working with a student next semester who would help us with data.

We had a general discussion about the focus of the survey, and we seemed to target retention.  However, we need the expertise of a professional to help us refine our goals and how to best structure a survey to meet those goals.

2010 Objectives
We discussed the objectives listed for Catherine.  There was general agreement with some relatively minor changes which Catherine noted and will make on her document.

In the context of objectives, we discussed what committees exist with which we would/should have interaction – for position description project, help with structure, help with recruiting etc.  Ed described the following committees and their current status:
1.    Trails Council – has structure and works effectively
2.    Publications – functions but could use assistance with structure
3.    Conservation -- not a fully functioning committee, but coming together informally
4.    Technical – two members (Walt and Ann)
5.    Membership and Development  -- functions; we need more information on this
6.    Darlington School House – very current and active but could probably use Volunteer Committee assistance
7.    Marketing and Communications – informal with two active members; not really a volunteer run committee

Ed noted that the Trail Conference needs to understand what a good volunteer leader is so that it can effectively recruit leaders to head up the committees.  He also suggested that we start working with the Darlington SH committee to identify and meet needs.

Next meeting:  December 17.