Volunteer Committee Meeting 11-20-2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 

1.  Recognition Program Status

·       Jane Daniels asked if we should prepare to purchase the fleeces for long-term (25+ yrs) volunteers now, or at a later date.  It was agreed to wait to see if the Parks & Trails New York grant ($3000) is approved (result expected mid-January).

·       All individuals who volunteered for five or more years will receive a tote bag.  Dan Van Engel had asked if we knew the number of volunteers who would be receiving recognition awards.  Jane - We are not definite on the number of long-term volunteers.

·       The cost estimates are:

Bags (670 @ $5.30):  $3554

Fleeces (76 @ 19.20): $1460

T-shirts (~500): $1980

Totaling $6994


Estelle Anderson pointed out that the start-up years for volunteer recognition are always the most costly.


2. Review proposed volunteer ("Get Involved") web pages and online volunteer application forms

 Walt Daniels demonstrated an overview the Volunteer portion of the new website.

It was agreed that the final section of each Volunteer application form will not be clickable, and will read:

"All volunteers will be expected to adhere to the policies and procedures as documented in our Volunteer handbook."

The committee thanked Walt for the presentation.


3. Volunteer Orientation Program Update


·       Catherine Gemmell advised that the second Volunteer Orientation session was held on November 18, with nine attendees, and was well received.  The next 3 sessions will be December 16, January 20, and February 17 2009, at the Mahwah office.

·       The committee discussed the practicality of holding the Dec. 16 meeting being that it was just before Christmas and that Catherine would have only returned from leave the day before.  Catherine will take the issue up with the Deputy Director.


·       Estelle updated the committee with the past Trail Maintenance 101 course, which was held at her house last Saturday (Nov. 15).  This resulted in four trail assignments: two in the Farny Highlands, one in the Pequannock Watershed and one in Norvin Green.


4.  Discussion regarding a minor maintainer

Catherine advised that the maintainer in question has completed the Maintenance 101 workshop and received on-trail training.  Estelle suggested parents should know what the minor is doing.  Catherine said the minor's aunt was a maintainer and had been out on his trail with him.

Committee agreed that this minor may maintain a trail and for Catherine to advise him that he has set a Trail Conference precedent.

Parental permission form currently for one time only, needs to be changed.


5.  Youth Policy

Dan asked if the committee thought we should go over the Youth Policy at the next meeting, or give to the Board to examine. Jane responded that perhaps a selected group of Board members should peruse the policy first. Mary Anne suggested that the Trails Council should look at the policy before it is presented to the board, and Jane indicated that she would present the policy at the February Trails Council meeting. Mary Anne asked if the committee thought Henry Atterbury should also view the Youth Policy.  Dan agreed and offered to email Henry and send him a copy of the youth policy.



i.  Mary Anne:  Complete a requisition for the purchase of the recognition items.

ii.  Mary Anne:  Write up the Volunteer Committee mission statement (Charge).

iii. Catherine:   Provide the number and names of those who have for five or more years.

iv. Catherine:   Modify volunteer parental permission form for committee approval.

v. Jane:  Present the Youth Policy at the February Trails Council meeting.

vi.  Dan:   Send Henry Atterbury a copy of the youth policy to peruse.


Meeting ended at 3:30pm


Next meeting Jan 8, 2008 at 1:00pm at the office of Dan Van Engel - 1200 East Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood NJ.