Volunteer Committee Meeting 12/17/09

Thursday, December 17, 2009 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 


            Youth Policy:  A few more corrections/re-wording to be done.

            It will be sent to all committee members, at which time Dan

will forward to Jane for her review.  It will then go to Trails Council; all comments and revisions will be sent back to the Committee; and then on to the Board of Directors for additional input, and/or approval.


Dan will work on a cover letter with Highlights of the Youth Policy to be made part of the Policy, with the understanding that many people won’t read the whole thing.  The Highlights will give them a synopsis and guide them to a specific section.


Job Descriptions:     The priority is to revise and update the current job descriptions as they are in the Trail Management Guide. Estelle will find some helpers to accomplish this by early Spring.


Ed mentions we need to compile a complete list of all volunteer positions; both on trail and off trail. 


Satisfaction Survey:  Ed present information and sample survey created by an intern.  Dan and Bob will each work on a survey to present at our next meeting.  Survey will be for existing volunteers and also for new volunteers.   Ed will contact Mitch Kahn as to availability to attend a future meeting regarding this survey.


Additional:  Ed stressed the importance of follow-up for newly interested, not-yet-volunteers, to ensure placement and prompt contact. 



Next meeting Jan. 14, 2010 in Mahwah. 



By:  Estelle Anderson