Volunteer Committee Meeting 12-20-2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 

1.    The minutes were approved by all attending members.
2.    Volunteer Handbook Revisions:
a.    Mary Anne agreed to create a composite document to begin final revisions of the living document.
b.    Revisions will need to be reviewed and approved by the board and other groups yet to be identified (ie: random volunteers, staff, various committee members etc.)
c.    Insurance was the largest presented concern about the current volunteer handbook.  Large revisions need to be made and clarity added.
i.    Include basic explanation of coverage and clear up beliefs
ii.    Our current document implies we have medical coverage—in reality it is only accidental and death.
iii.    Liability insurance needs to be laid out.
iv.    Jane Daniels mentioned that discussions of insurance may be an interesting topic for the board.
d.    The volunteer handbook should be distributed to EVERY volunteer.  Distribution should be considered by regional notices that apply to them: example: NY should include a note about the VSA, NJ will address lack of coverage from parks, AT volunteer policies and a workman’s comp notice. 
3.    Background Checks need to be researched.  Katy will initiate research on what other organizations do to minimize volunteer risk.  She will concentrate on policies for volunteers handling money, youth and cars. 
4.    Actions:
•    Mary Ann will continue to make edits to handbook
•    Chris will compile current park regulations for volunteer activity: ie: special AT policies, NJ policy, NY policy, park variations.  He will send to Katy to compile a chart for the handbook.
•    Katy will research background checks policies.
•    Jane will bring up the topic of emergency procedures to the trails crew leaders at the upcoming round table discussion.
5.    Future topics agenda: youth policy
6.    Next meeting scheduled for February 7th at 1:00 pm.