Volunteer Committee Meeting 3/25/10

Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm



1.         Summary of current volunteer activity and statistics  -  Catherine

                                                              Enhanced volunteer management system

2.         Youth Policy Review  -  Inclusion of requirement of background checks

                              Complete & approve -

Volunteer Information form

Parental Consent form

Youth Program Application form

Incident Report form

3.         Job Description Project  -  interview with Ann Gruhn 


4.         Volunteer Recognition  

a.         Distinguished service award

b.         Finalize/agree on selection of volunteers to recognize for the

Volunteer Center of Bergen County volunteer acknowledgement program        

c.         Volunteer(s) to be recognized on website as volunteer of the month

Dan Van Engel, Jane Daniels, Catherine Gemmell, Bob Jonas, Ken Malkin, Estelle Anderson Guest: Ann Gruhn
Status of Minutes: 

Youth Policy and background checks; we need the application form the insurance company will be using. CG will request again from Josh.

EA: The Youth Policy will be revised to indicate background checks will be required.

It will then be ready to forward to the BOD.


CG: Had sample forms for our review.

1. Volunteer Information Form (general volunteers)

Will want starting year as volunteer, plus decade of their birth.

Will want to know special skills or experience.

Noted by Jane, application sheets are appendices and do not need BOD approval.

2.  Parental Consent Form - made some minor changes. 

3.  Application to work with youth:  There will be a form from the insurance company.   Need this from Josh. 

4. Incident Report - will use it as a baseline.


Ann Gruhn, from Technology Committee.

Discussion of new website, plus future web projects.  Office activities should be supported on web.  On the content side, can expand so photo's-videos can be include.  Mentioned that PUBS could use anyone to write and submit hikes for the website.

In the future:  use social networking to bring people to NYNJTC.

Will need a volunteer to deal with that (future)

AG and JD:  Each committee will/should have a tech person to meet with them and relate to the Tech Committee. 


AG: Jobs needed:

  • Ass't Web Master
  • Web Developer,  must have deep technical level.
  • Content Manager - for new content, maintain, monitor & review web content.
  • Marketing, someone for outreach & development using website. 
  • Tech writer /web writer

Most important job needs:

  • Customer relation management
  • How to reconstruct database
  • How to map into new database


EA:  the next Trail Walker (April/May) will have the awards listed, along with our new Distinguished Service Award.  Annual awards given in October; with a cut-off date for nominations to be July 1.     We have an email box where

nominations should be sent      [email protected]  . You have been given access info, if you need it again please ask me.   (Note: award nominations were again  mentioned at the last Trails Council) 

Proposed candidate:

JD:  Paul Leiken (Extra Mile)    xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Discussed also Volunteer of the Month on the website.  We will need to coordinate with Georgette and CT.     Suggestions from our committee:

xxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Our next meeting:  April 22, 2010  Thursday at 1 p.m.

Estelle Anderson