Volunteer Committee Meeting 4/22/10

Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Dan Van Engel, Jane Daniels, Catherine Gemmell, Bob Jonas, Ken Malkin, Estelle Anderson Guest: Ed Goodell
Status of Minutes: 

1.  First topic discussed was Awards.  The notice is in the Trail Walker and

EA will have it posted in E-Walker, with link to past awardees.  Deadline is July 1st


To date:

Ken Lloyd (from 2009)  Jill Arbuckle, will be presented at ATC meeting.

Torrey Award (from 2009) the Dolan's, will be presented June 5th,

National Trails Day. 


For 2010:  for discussion at our next meeting

Major Welch:  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Paul Leiken - Extra Mile: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rothschild Conservation: xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Discussed the need for another award to recognize/honor large donors.


Also, need to remind Trails Council and Committee Chairs about the new

Distinguished Service Award - as names have to come from them.


2.  Ed Goodell:  Review of Vol. Comm. Objectives for this quarter for the Board.  There are three year goals from each committee, progress is needed towards objectives.  


Our goals:

Increase # volunteer hours:  at 4/22/10 we are at 9.3% vacancy rate.

Our goal is to keep below a 10% vacancy rate. 


3.  Youth Policy:  Last revisions are done.  It will be ready to go to BOD for their May meeting.  Any last minute comments to Estelle for final draft before sending to Dan Van Engel.


4.  RE: Volunteer interest in jobs (on trail and off trail) that are shown on the website.  All interest will go to Catherine who will forward directly to the proper Committee Chair.  This is to prevent interested people from "falling through the cracks" and to get them placed where they would like to be.  This will make the process more consistent.   


RE: Job Descriptions from various committees:  they post their job needs on the web and they will filter as to who will meet their requirements. 


Next meeting:  we will invite Daniel Chazin.   What volunteer help does his committee need, and how to write job description for his needs. 


RE:  TM101:  EA showed handouts from NPS to each student; we should have some sort of item for potential volunteers.  Perhaps a bookmark, along with the TM Manual &  other items to be thought about.  If they are assigned a trail, the Supervisor can offer a decal.


Discussion of TM101 class, we need to have evaluations of presenter and presentation.   Can do this as an email survey after the class. 


NOTE:  Catherine would like everyone's hours for committee meetings plus  hours at home prepping for meeting.   Please bring it to next meeting or email prior.  These hours would be for this year to date.  


Next meeting:  Thursday May 13th at 1 p.m.



Estelle Anderson