Web Content Meeting Sept. 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Web Content

Note: At least three members of the committee plan to be in the office on Monday at meeting time. Others are welcome to join them or to phone in. Let us know which, or will just have our meeting on our own.


  • Any urgent new/unresolved content issues?
  • Review D6 Testing Reports (from staff and others)
  • Review D6 Testing Needs (Walt)
  • D6 Prep: Next Steps
  • Post-D6 Migration & Problem Solving: Planning and prioritizing site improvements
Walt, Georgette
Status of Minutes: 

General Tech

  • Josh raised the possibility that TC GIS system may be a better place for trails info instead of Ebase. Bring Catherine & Jeremy together to talk about this? First step is to study migation from Ebase to GIS system.

D6 Testing

  • Walt suggested that he come in a day a week to rotate among staff and watch them test D6. Will work with Josh on scheduling. Josh noted that Walt's visits don't have to focus just on the website, but also on Ebase.
  • Walt is aiming for Oct 6 or 7 D6 switchover.
  • GW reviewed some D6 idiosyncrasies.:
    • In blocks and rich text enabled field boxes there is no"brows' to tool in Insert Image.
    • Style list is full of mystery items--is this somethiing we need to understand? Appropriate?
    • Zebra striping on forums is shades of gray.
  • Josh has started testing orders and anonymous check-out: still get an 'account has been created for you'--can this be turned off; Anoymous account does not generate an Order tab. Josh tried membership, donation and purchase and got different error messages each time (not certificate problem). Is keeping things in his cart even when he buys them.
  • Walt and Josh discussed who would test what sections of D6. Gary will be testing store and product editing this week; then backend of operations.
  • Copy of every order is going to office@---please stop.

Post D6 Migration

  • Use Content issues link to collect suggestions for improvements; individuals can post or send to GW who will post. Suggestions will be prioritized later. 
    • Walt noted displaying fields to hikes and parks

Comment: Please be relevant, civil, non-commercial.

Image insertion

Existing problem: GW can no longer insert images into blocks or edit boxes when using Firefox. Can insert when using Chrome, but then can't select the inserted image to adjust--must return to Firefox.