Web Content Meeting Oct. 18

Monday, October 18, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Web Content

Follow-up on Old Business

  • Sponsor Ads: Walt made sponsor block default display block on hikes and pages as requested for interim; where no sponsor exists, the field is blank and the photo displays (where there is one) unless the database for that entry is opened for editing, at which point the TC house ad automatically populates the field and the ad displays. This last also occurs on all new hike entries.
  • Update Test Site: Was this done?
  • Schedule office visits for Walt for side-by-side testing of D6 with staff:  Was this done?
  • New Donate & Membership Pages: Have these been submitted?
New Business
  • Pink boxes and warnings on Friday/Saturday
  • Any issues re Pubs Sale Day on Tuesday?
  • Any new, urgent content-related issues?
  • Webmaster away Nov. 4 through Thanksgiving(?)--contingency plans
  • Update on D6 migration 
Walt, Josh, Georgette, Ken

Scheduled Business

Pubs Sale: All items in store will be discounted. Walt has set up for auto on and offSponsor tabs: new techies working on some of the glitches

Updating Test Site: Walt has not gotten to it yet. Does intend to get to it before he leaves Nov. 4

Web Testing: Walt did get in and sit with a few people. Found some issues; store is better, still some glitches. In store, unless you click on shipping, it does not happen. Kipp is working on this. 

Donate & Membership pages: Kevin has provided content; next step is for Doug to designPink boxes: no new info on cause--unknown program malfunctionWalt backup while away: Bill, Kipp--Walt will provide contact list in priority order

Migration to D6: Not before Walt leaves; new target is December

New Business

Server space: Walt gets notices when we are at 20% left; will arrange for Bill to read messages

Content issues: Ken raised issue about getting Trail updates onto the web in between publication of maps/generally more timely manner; requires more and better volunteer reporting from the field. Walt: Wants to display more info in hikes and parks; relevant fields don't currently display

Calendar: Georgette pushed for making calendar improvements a priority in D6. Currently enteriing info into Google calendar, copying iinfo into News content types for web referrals