Web Phone Meeting Nov. 29

Monday, November 29, 2010 - 1:30pm
Conference call
Web Design
Web Content
  1. Whither these phone calls - schedule and who attends
  2. How to list temporarily out of stock items:Harriman Trails book, Shawangunk maps
  3. Documenting Store content process (who and how things get added/deleted to store)
  4. Status report of what happened while Walt was on vacation
  5. D5-D6 timeline - firm schedule
Josh, Walt, Ann, Bill, Georgette


Re phone calls:

  • Content: No need for regular meetings until D6. Will call one if needed
  • Tech: Bill notes definite need for tech meetings, with primary goal to lay out the plan to get to D6. Bill noted that meeting time of Monday 1:30 is not great; prefers morning rather than mid-day. Josh noted that Mondays are worst day for him. Walt suggested Tuesdays at 9am for weekly tech meetings--starting Nov. 30. Tech folks agreed to this day and time.


Back orders for products (Harriman Trails & Shawangunk Map set):

Josh: We don't have capacity to track without losing back orders; sole data processing clerk is already behind; priority goal is to get financial reports for Oct and Nov to board for Dec. 14 meeting;one-day sale crippled organization, even though it brought in $20,000. We have  tried for years to recruit volunteers to assist with processing orders without much success.

  • Josh: When the book is on the truck and on its way, then we can put it up and send out the email blast. After Dec. 14 (board meeting), we're clear. Everything else can be done ahead (create product page for book, collect emails from those interested, promote on home page)
  • Walt: Will set up the product page and hide it until book is available
  • GW: Will post ad block on home page to collect email addresses
  • Same process for Shawangunk Map Set


Status Report on Activities in Walt's Absence:

  • No disasters; site did not crash

D5-D6 Timeline:

Walt needs to do another dry run in a day or two; import & update all the D5 tables and watch for glitches. Then will need testing again. He thinks only area that has possible significant breakages is in the store code, including anonymous ordering, trying different browsers. Josh noted that staff holiday schedules (people will be in and out) should not be an obstacle to moving forward. A lot of testing has already been done.