Web Tech Phone Meeting Dec. 7

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Conference call
Web Design
  1. Status of D6
    • css issue with bad paths to images
    • have to push calculate shipping to see prices
    • discount not showing on Review page
    • left menu
  2. D5-D6 timeline - revise firm schedule from 11/30
Walt, Bill, Kipp
Status of Minutes: 
  • CSS fix seems to be working - more testing needed (Bill)
  • Kipp now understands the Push to Calc Shipping and will look into it.
  • Kipp will figure out and fix the Review page which seems to have regressed from working.
  • The discount info is showing on the books page but not the other products. Walt and Bill will look at doing the others based on what Kipp did. There are also issues about the catalog links not all of which point to the right page (Walt).
  • Menu issue needs more research (Walt) but fallback approach will certainly work. Awaiting web-content advice on what should be on menu. Perhaps changes on D5 will import better.
  • Deferred adjusting timeline for cutover (no imput from Josh) but committee recommends Jan 1 or 2 based on desire for stability though initial pending book and map release about the 15th.