Web Tech Phone Meeting Jan. 18

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - 10:00am - 11:00am
Conference call
Web Design
  1. Status of D6
  2. Report of Staff/testers
  3. D5-D6 timeline - set schedule
Bill, Kipp, Walt
Status of Minutes: 

Known D6 issues from Bill


  • Links in flash files take you to D5 site - should self correct when we go live.
  • If anon user has items in cart the right sidebar cart does not show the cart contents only a link to the cart. (Walt)
  • On the full product pages the discount price is not shown (Bill will look at)
  • Final totals on checkout page compute total wrong but it is correct on review page. (Bill to verify, Walt to look at code)

Recent fixes


  • Bill changed base H2 tag to have 4 pixels of left padding (much better) - Minor correction from Bill: 4px padding added all around.
  • The default $base_url was set (Walt) and now the css files don't seem to have bad paths. Kipp to verify - still need to watch for a few days.
  • Kipp will document changes to uc_order for saving credit card type in changelog.