Web Tech Phone Meeting Jan. 25

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 10:00am - 11:00am
Conference call
Web Design
  1. Status of D6
  2. Which discount module?
    • uc_discounts_alt (still buggy)
    • uc_discount (aka discount framework) (appears to be correct) Needs changes to various theming done by Bill and template.php hacks.
  3. Report of Staff/testers (mostly Gary)
    • See http://www.nynjtc.org/content/what-needs-testing-store
    • what happens if a membership is in the cart? (Gary) It works like D5 except that it doesn't work for anon (they can't check the make me a member link)
    • Membership is not well defined anymore - what happens if they donate more the $30 on the donate page instead of using the membership page? If they donate enough to be a member then they may need to be told that they are now a member (and maybe their password.)
    • I have some code from Drupal that looks through the cart at checkout time to see if something is in the cart. This could be a prototype for what we need to add.
  4. D5-D6 timeline - set schedule
Josh, Kipp, Bill, Walt
Status of Minutes: 

2. Walt will further configure discount framework and test with multiple products, some of which are not discounted. If it still looks good to go, we will push on onto D6 and start fixing the theming issues which we know will need changes. Fallback is to continue trying to make discount_alt work which may affect go live discussion below.

3. Josh will check with Kevin on the membership issues that were raised and get back to us. The simple lower limits are trivial. It is probably not hard to make the "mark me as a member link"  available to anon.  

Go live date:

Currently Friday 2/4 evening looks like a good start the process and hopefully finish sometime on 2/5. The announcements will advertise 24 hours of transition time.