Englewood Cliffs hearing draws hundreds to debate LG Electronics high-rise plan

Kim Lueddeke
Advocacy Issue: 
Protecting the Palisades


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS – Hundreds of trade union members, environmentalists and concerned residents packed into a school auditorium Wednesday for what was intended to be a hearing on proposed master plan changes, but quickly turned into a referendum on LG Electronics’ controversial plan to build a 143-foot corporate structure that would be visible over the Palisades tree line. . .

Interest in the hearing was intense. At one point more than 100 people were kept from entering the Upper School, where the hearing was held, and left to stand outside in pouring rain.


The hearing was intended to focus on amending the borough’s master plan to support high-rise development in a largely corporate section of Sylvan Avenue near the Palisades. Planner Paul A. Phillips is recommending that the master plan be amended, as well as that the Borough Council enact zoning for the area that would allow for buildings of up to 90 feet high on lots between 5 and 25 acres, and buildings of up to 150 feet on lots of 25 acres or larger. . .