New Ramapo Trail Crew Recruits Students for Reservoir Trail Project

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Ramapo College Students join Ramapo Crew

Ramapo Valley County Reservation, one of the most popular parks in northern New Jersey, has been getting a lot of attention from the Trail Conference. Staff member Peter Dolan designed a project to formalize the Reservoir Trail in an ongoing project throughout the summer, executed completely through a series of Trail University classes that helped develop our new Ramapo Trail Crew.

The trail is a 0.8-mile near-loop that stays close to the margin of the beautiful MacMillan Reservoir and crosses a dramatic rock slope. Volunteers were brought together from Ramapo College (some of whom are pictured at right), our larger local volunteer base (some of whom are pictured below), and brand-new volunteers who saw the action and decided to get involved. The project also has turned out new maintainers for Northeast Jersey, North Jersey, Central North Jersey, and West Jersey. The trail is now being enjoyed by the Reservation's many walkers and hikers.

Ramapo Trail Crew