Trail Closure: 3 Lakes Trail in Fahnestock State Park

Ed Goldstein
Regional Representative and Eyewitness


The 3 Lakes Trail in Fahnestock State Park is officially closed between Sunk Mine Road and the AT crossing (not Rt. 301). The closing is posted with signs and yellow hazard tape. The ranger said that the closing was due to high water released from John Allen Pond, in an attempt to stabilize water levels there. As an alternate, hikers can use the AT from Sunk Mine Road, but because of the high water conditions, the stream crossing just north of here may be a problem.

A safe and dry alternate is to go north on the gated mine road just east of the bridge (dotted black line on the TC map) and about a five-minute walk east of the 3 Lakes Trail. This road will join the 3 Lakes Trail near the junction with the Old Mine Railroad Trail. This is in the closed section, but it is well north of the problem area.