Trail Conference Volunteers Remove Collapsed AT Bridge at Little Dam Lake, Add Stone Steps

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Little Dam Bridge is pulled out. Photo by Randy and Mara Miller.On Saturday, December 4, a crew of Trail Conference volunteers and staff removed the collapsed bridge on the Appalachian Trail at Little Dam Lake and replaced it with stepping stones moved into place using high-lines. The bridge collapsed in late November and the AT was temporarily rerouted. The section is on the National Park Service AT corridor surrounded by Sterling Forest State Park. The AT at Little Dam Lake is now reopened.

Chris Ingui, special projects manager for the Trail Conference, noted that 16 volunteers turned out to help with the project. "We were able to remove the bridge, gather the stone, set up the high line, install the stepping stones, and clean up within six hours," he said. "Very cool."  The group consisted of a core group of volunteers from the Bear Mountain Trails Project and others from various Trail Conference regions.

Placing stone step at Little Dam. Photo by Randy and Mara Miller. Trail Conference Little Dam Crew. Photo by Randy and Mara Miller.