Trailhead Closed for Mine Trail/Wyanokie Circular in Norvin Green State Forest

Estelle Anderson
Central Jersey Trails Co-Chair Estelle Anderson

The trailhead for the Mine Trail/Wyanokie Circular Trail (yellow & red) in Norvin Green State Forest is permanently closed by the landowner. This trailhead is on Snake Den Road, near the Weis Ecology Center parking lot. We will be posting signs and blocking access at both ends of the private property. Please plan your hikes to enter and exit the forest trails at other locations.

Use the Hewitt-Butler/Mine Trail (blue and yellow) via the Otterhole Trail (green) from the Weis parking lot, or the Highlands Trail from Westbrook Road/Townsend Road to the new Roomy Mine Trail extension to access other trails. Trail Conference volunteers will be creating links / detours very shortly. In the meantime, we ask your cooperation in avoiding this trailhead.


Norvin Green Revised Trail System - Summer 2009

Note that this map is a partial map of trails in Norvin Green.  For a map covering a larger portion of Norvin Green, click here.