Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Trail Crews
Trail Crews
webmaster 3 20 Join
Sawyers and Swampers
Sawyers and Swampers
webmaster 11 20 Join
webmaster 2 26 Join
TC maintainers
webmaster 1 34 Join
Communications Committee
Communications Committee
webmaster 4 2 Request membership
Yorktown Community Trails
Joint project between the Town of Yorktown, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and Westchester Mountain Bike Association
Walt Daniels 11 13 Request membership
Dutchess - Putnam Appalachian Trail Management Comm
Manages the Appalachian Trail in Dutchess and Putnam Counties
webmaster 1 18 Join
TC Delegates
Group open to all voting members of Trail Conference. Membership is moderated. Request membership by going to the Group entry on the left menu.
webmaster 4 21 Request membership
Volunteer Committee
This committee works to ensure that the Trail Conference attracts and retains a volunteer force capable of accomplishing our mission.
macmassey 46 9 Request membership
East Hudson Trail Committee
A place for East Hudson Trail Volunteers to exchange needs and support
webmaster 0 49 Join
Trails Council
The Trails Council is the body of trail chairs, supervisors and crews
webmaster 279 68 Request membership
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